Clearing the clutter causes a snow ball effect


Hey all,

It's been over a month since I last posted.

Just wanted to pen down about a recent realization I've had.

It's to do with clearing the unnecessary items in your home and the connection it has with new things coming in your life.

I've been clearing out all sorts of stuff in my house of late.

Things that I've kept since I was around 10 years of age- my old toys, game CDs, books, bicycle parts, kitchen objects, watches etc.

I also cleared almost 40GB of my music collection from my PC which I've been listening since 2008.

These were all old energies stored up which was hindering me from progressing.

As soon as I started clearing them, positive energies started entering the house in the form of renovation- all old parts of the house being replaced with fresh new ones.

The wash basins, commodes, electrical switches, tiles, painting of the wall, everything started happening all at once.

This wasn't even planned earlier but it started happening as a consequence of me starting the clearing process in a small way.

Snowball effect I'd like to call it.

Megative energies cleared out = more space for positive energies to enter.

As of now the work is still going on but I'm curious to see where this heads.

I'm still clearing stuff as we speak.

There's a lot more to clear out before I'm satisfied.

I'm inclined to live a minimalistic lifestyle all of a sudden.

It's not that easy to do such a drastic change but eventually I would love to switch to a completely minimalistic lifestyle.

So yeah, the lesson being clear out the clutter and you create more space for new stuff to enter.

Will keep you guys posted as to where all this heads.

Until then ciao.