Getting More Done: The Secret to Productivity

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It has been my experience that whenever I switched between multiple tasks in a short span of time, I have always ended up not accomplishing much during that day.

However whenever I have focused on one task for atleast 2-4 hours, I've been able to accomplish in that time more than what I would accomplish during the whole day of switching between multiple tasks.

When we switch attention from one task to other, our brain takes 23 minutes to completely refocus on a task.

Just imagine how much wastage of time is switching between multiple tasks causing you.

So one way to maximize your productivity is to focus on one task for a prolonged period of time.

The other way to maxx out your productivity is to do the highly important tasks at the earlier part of the day.

You may have observed that as soon as you wake up, you are able to pay attention and grasp things better but as sunset approaches, you are exhausted and aren't able to focus that much.

This is because our attention or psychic energy is limited during the day and as we think, pay attention to something or someone speak, watch TV or scroll through our phone, we are spending our attention. It gets recharged when we sleep.

Thats why I call attention the most expensive currency. Every social media company and streaming service is trying to get a big piece of your pie of attention.

Make sure you are not letting them steal it without your permission and utilize the maximum of your attention in accomplishing your goals.

Hope you found some value in this.


Wow, lovely write up.
I'll maximize my attention on on task at a time, and see how far I go.

Thank you. Glad you found this useful.

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The Pomodoro technique is a useful tool on this front! Especially in a world where we have so many distractions.

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