Pending a Blessing

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A Pending Blessing
A vacation is a fantastic idea! We are all set to travel to Florida to visit my youngest son, Ben on December 23. I absolutely cannot wait. Typically we would have been flying around the local area and traveling to Canada to see my best friend, but, well, covid.

We decided to travel commercial air to Ft. Myers for Christmas and last month we bought affordable tickets. Ben is attempting to secure time off to spend time with Jeff and me when we get there. My Canada friend's son (who, incidentally, was born the same day as Ben within 8 hours of Ben) is graciously allowing us to stay there at their house and Ben is giving us his room, too, so that we will save on out of pocket expenses while we are there.

I'm told temperatures are in the 60s that time of year, but it still beats Pennsylvania's cold, wet winters.

We only flew to visit my Father this year a month or so ago because our plane's radio is not in compliance for the new 2020 regulations. Jeff has the new radio, but he's waiting for his mechanic friend at the airport to assist in installation.

I'm looking forward to not being grounded in December! It is something that I am aiming and planning for now and that trip anticipation offsets the fall blues I am feeling. As beautiful as Fall is here in Pennsylvania, it is short. Believe it or not, the weatherman is forecasting snow this weekend. makes crumpled cry face.

I know, I know, it is inevitable and having lived in Pennsylvania all of my life I should be prepared... but I'm not. EVER.

Thank you for reading! Do you love Winter? If you do share your favorite things to do. If not, what do you do to pass the time away and stay warm?

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Hi sweetie, just wanted to let you know I completed my 12th chemo treatment today and I'm feeling fine. Stay safe, miss you. 💖

That is such wonderful news! Miss you, too! I was just praying for you yesterday 🙏. I'm struggling with Peakd which I have been using for posts and it is stubborn!! Please check in again soon. 🤗❤

You, too. ❤

Checking in on my friend Bruni as I've not been active the past couple weeks. I have been praying for you. I hope things are improving your way. Love ❤️ Janelle

My CT scan shows no growth and stable. Just had my 15th chemo treatment this past Thursday and I'm feeling fabulous. Thank you for checking on me. 🥰

Oh that's wonderful!! I'm so relieved to hear it. Prayers for ongoing improvement. ❤

Thank you beautiful ❤️

Welcome ❤🤗

Thanks for sharing your post! I hope everything works out and you can travel! Problems with peakd... Have you tried changing your API node? Go to settings and scroll down and experiment with the different nodes, sometimes that makes a difference. Or you could trying logging on differently (so if you use keychain try peaklock, etc). I am having a few issues too.

Thank you for the tips on Peakd. I will try those things. I ended up posting this post on ecensy.

Yea, I absolutely love winter compared to the heaty and sweaty days 😁 .. Well, during winter cold nights, I loved to take a night walk sometimes with a special person and sometimes with friends and family 😊

Hope you have a great visit in December!

I hope the trip is fantastic! I used to love Winter, but as I grow older I find my joints aching more and more as the chill of the season punches me in the gut. I do love watching Christmas movies, though, so Winter is equated to Christmas in my mind starting today and moving forward through the rest of the year.


Thank you for stopping by, my friend! I have dreaded winter and cold weather since I got migraines and the medications to treat them started messing with my circulation. I do love the beauty of snow, though. I will appreciate the break to a sunny spot at Christmas. I hope and yours are doing well.

We're doing alright here, the company I work for just turned into another one... and the moves will be life-changing for myself and Miranda. I feel so happy that I came back to write more stories and have found some of my friends again.

I remember all the migraines you used to talk about and I always felt so bad for you having to deal with them. Do you use the Hunters' hand-warmers then? It's not a prolonged way to keep the extremities warm, but it might help some.

As for snow, I want 1 week of a nice hard snowfall for the week of Christmas, then for it to go away. I used to love it so much that I wanted snow on Halloween all the way through Easter, but I'm too old for that now. LOL.


Yes, I use the hand warmers when I need to! I'm glad to see you back!
The migraines right now are weather related. The photo is my first look outdoors this morning 😶.
I've been a slacker with writing and every day I say "I'm going to write today," then don't. 😭
Take care and keep writing!❤