Life Warrior

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There are good days. There are bad days.

But Everyday, I remember to remind myself of battles fought, of battles lost and won and draw strength for the future.

I Understand that I have a power to create and to destroy and the ability to make a choice.

So I think of my awesomeness and Let my mind think right and big, for in it lies the keys to closed doors only I can open.

I also resist the temptation to compare myself with anyone, for I know I am as awesome as they come.

To being an instrument of peace, a piece of peace.🍷


Thanks for reading.

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Prompt: Life Warrior
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Excellent publication @wens, that is the energy that we must transmit. Transmitir el miedo es darle comida a los que se alimentan de ello.

Thank you

Yes, the only person who controls your happiness is you, it is all in how you look at things. Be happy.

Thank you. And Happy New year @myjob

Happy New Year to you, too @wems

Hi wems,

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