The delivery boy!

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Lade stared at phone intently, maybe she taught if she stared that much, it will get the phone to ring.

She was worried.

Lade was a small business owner and one her rules was to make sure her clients get their orders on time. She says it great way to build customer relationship and retain customers.

Fortunately, delivery services are now very popular in the country. She has five different delivery persons she called on when she's to deliver an order.

Lade sells earrings. She takes special detail in arranging and packaging to keep the items safe. And this morning she had called her favourite delivery boy to make the delivery.

He's very efficient and trustworthy, Lade will tell her friends when referring the boy for a job.

But something seems amiss today.

It's been 8hrs and Lade hadn't hear from the delivery boy. Her client had not seen him either.

She called so many times but he's not picking.

She was worried. Her friends told her some delivery persons now steal from vendors.

"Maybe he ran away with the goods."

It's morning, Lade has decided to send another product to the client. It was while packing the item her phone rang.

It was the delivery boy.

"Hello! What happened? You refused to pick your call and didn't deliver the item" Lade shouted.

"I had an accident ma'am" He replied in a low voice.

"I have been unconscious since then. I just woke up this morning." "I am so sorry about your delivery" he apologized.

Lade immediately felt bad and sad about shouting at him.
There was silence.

Prompt: Delivery.
The 5 minutes daily freewrites prompt, courtesy of @freewritehouse @mariannewest

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Interesting story, sometimes we react early, but I think in this case it was justified. greetings

Sometimes we do react early. That's why it's advisable to hear both sides of a story before we judge.

Thanks for reading.

It's so easy to be angry. I hope she learned to be a bit slower to judge.

Sure she learnt her lesson.
Thanks for reading.

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