I need to unleash my hidden desires

in Freewriters3 months ago


I need to unleash my hidden desires
like sweet syrup flowing on my lips.
I long to give you pleasure without limits,
To quench the desires I keep in my chest.

To calm the fire that has been burning in my being for a long time,
to release the strength of my wild instincts.
To give you an eternal, beautiful and deep pleasure,
to make you feel the passion that fits in me.

I carry within me an unattainable dream,
a desire that cries out to be fulfilled.
I want you to surrender to my charms,
to explore the unknown together.

Feel the strength of my burning instincts,
Let me envelop you in a passionate embrace.
Come with me to a world of unbridled pleasure,
where our bodies join in an uncontrolled dance.

So, in the ecstasy of the eternal moment,
entangled in passion and desire.
Let's discover together the most intense joy,
and let's make of this encounter something sublime and full of fire.