It occurred to me to love you in the shadows

in Freewriters5 months ago



It occurred to me to love you in the shadows,
In a hidden corner where no one could see us,
Where our bodies could merge,
And our souls unite in a chimera.
Silence will witness our meeting,
The shadows will dance to the beat of our desire,
And in the darkness our fears will vanish,
As we embrace in an eternal embrace.
Like two fireflies lost in the night,
We will be guided by the light of our love,
Regardless of prohibitions and rules,
We'll find our way, without fear.
We'll be clandestine accomplices, deep lovers,
Our sighs will be the music that guides us,
And though the world may not understand or approve,
We two will love each other till our last breath.


Love an emotion I still don't understand how it wirks