'Twixt memories and things we'd forget

in Freewriters3 months ago


Twixt memories and things we'd forget we drift along
Through life's vain show, a pallid shade devoid of light
Deeming ourselves sane in our madness stark and strong
While calamity holds us in shadows stark and bright
Forgetting that time steals all things in end away
And ghosts of the past haunt the present's every hour
Illusions we grasp, unable to live or pray
Clinging to phantoms devoid of life or dower
Yet perchance down roads of shadows some rays still gleam
To show the things we've lost and loved in dreams
So wander we on, 'twixt visions and empty days
Hoping one truth may light our remaining ways
Lead us from shadows back to love's warm rays
Ere reality death's chill veil displays


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