Into the breach my friend.

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It is another day.
It is not the month of May.
Time goes slow when you think away
How so you keep my touch at bay.

Reach out to take in the sight
Not long as come the night.
Bring out the spirits fright
Hide inside so they out of sight.

Let not the inside keep you out
From life's joys and its shout
Miss them and you will pout
From all you miss not being about.

So step outside even in the dark
With courage you bring lights spark.
Moving forward you leave your mark
Let fear be courage stark.

This will be my last post regarding Ukraine and its fight for survival. Not because I do not care about it. It is because I care about what is happening and often get kind of depressed every time I write anything about what I am feeling about the whole situation.

My prayers go out the the children that are caught in the madness and hope that they come out of this ordeal safe and sound.


War is terrible indeed. That's great you found some relieve in your poetry. Thank You for your encouraging message in the poetry!

I'm trying not to access any info on the internet at the moment but then I read some that are here and I am back to square one.

It does make you anxious the war, and especially when you're closer to it. It is not what we wanted, but we can't let it play with our minds. We have to stay flexible and not catastrophising things. If we are safe at the moment, we can help others by being positive and adapting to their particularities...without generalising to our situation.

What heartfelt and beautiful poetry, I was able to feel the experiences as I read it, I hope that the topic of Ukraine stops affecting you with the measure you are taking.

Thank you for your concern.

A great thought, I hope soon that this senseless war will end soon, many people have died as a result of that, just pray, thanks for sharing.

Yes, very traffic...

yea man, it's time for all the madness to end.

The history of man is fraught with ebbs and flow between times of peace and pieces of conflict. We create our own misery, to ourselves and to others.

I understand how you feel. Putting the words down with images of what is truly happening with the Ukrainian situation playing in your mind would cause most to become despondent. After reading your affirmation at the end of the post your poem shines in a different light. Writing, for me, is drawn from emotion. It helps me to get what is inside out. That being said, your feelings are still going to be there whether you're sharing or not. I hope you'll find other ways to release the torment of hopelessness you feel for the Ukrainians. I hope for a better future with you.

Thanks for that. Inside out, indeed I think it is helping writing it down for me.