Lost in enigmatic nights, dark abyss,
where secrets float like a calm sea.
Fears are drowned, desires are knotted,
in every steaming corner of her soul.
Forges lips in forgotten ambrosia,
savouring the whispers of the past.
Floods her being with seductive boldness,
kissing the profane, the unbridled.
Lost in insight sunk in the abyss,
unravels the enigmas of the universe.
Between verses and letters, the mind in frenzy,
searching for knowledge, an eternal verse.
In his gaze is forged the reflection of destiny,
a fascinating enigma of eternal restlessness.
With broken lips she ignites burning passion,
lost in the search for its fullness.


Wow, this is beautiful. Your words, the rhymes can all be felt. Each word said hold a dear meaning to it, and that added more beauty to it.

Beautiful expression. The burning desire.

Keep to that.

 4 months ago  

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Beautiful poem, I simply enjoyed reading it, how each word has more strength than the other, great writing, thanks for sharing it ♥