A Friend indeed

You don't have to ask,
I'll give freely,
You don't have to explain,
I trust implicitly,
No need to search,
I've found it for you already.

The thing you've been missing
It's here in my keeping.
The ghost you've been dreading
Got my club ready to swing.
The sight you keep losing
Here, a torch for you to cling.

You will want for nothing,
When I got everything:
The arm of a companion,
The shoulder of empathy,
The fist of a champion,
The grip of sympathy;
Whatever it is, I'm sure to give.

I will always have your back,
Even when my spine is broken,
I am forever your check,
Even if it has no balance,
I will continue filling your crack,
Even more so with no glue to fasten.


 last month  

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Thanks for your ceaseless support. I appreciate

Great poem, it's always a complete blessing to find people like that to give you their helping hand to help you at all times and celebrate the victories achieved, great poem my friend, blessings ♥

Thanks so much my friend. It's been a while. Hope you are good