Many thanks! 🙂❤️🌈

Cool, i'll have a look at the discord.

Awesome, thanks for the CCC 😃!

thanks for the CCC! I didn't know there was a Blockchain Poets discord. What is the link to join @dbooster?

Absolutely it is a good collection of poems. I like it. It contains a bundle of different topics and related emotions.

Best wishes folks!


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Join us in Discord!

Congratulations to all winners. Please can I get the discord channel link so I can join?..

I saw your last post about needing help and I replied you there...i don't know if you've seen it.. I'm waiting for your response sir.

Thanks @dbooster for a job welldone

Thank you David @dbooster for all the energy put to make these compilations. This was a great week indeed for all the amazing poets on Hive, so regards to all.

Wow, the poetry community really is strong with so many great poetry posts.

Keep up the good work m8 🙂