The Soul in Your Eyes

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I drew you with some tiny traces on the ground
With a little stick on my hand
Your round eyes
The arch of your brows
The shape of your lips
The curve of your smile
To draw your shapely cheeks if I could
Then I realized I couldn't
With only balls and sticks I knew
Even your hair stood like straws on a field
I'm sorry it wasn't even right
Yet, I tried still
One day on the canvas in my room
I hope to draw
The soul in your eyes
The merry-go-ride of your emotions


@janesuiren is an introverted night owl who enjoys coffee a lot. An otaku and a foodie, she also lives inside the stories she dreams to publish one day. You can catch her admiring her rainy and picturesque hometown in Western Leyte, Philippines.


Very deep in such few words, I like it

Thanks for liking this old poetry🙏🙏🙏

This is a very sweet love poem. I thank you for sharing. I have my hubby and love him to pieces. This makes me think of him :) Thanks.

I write what i don't have, it's prettier that way😸😸 thank you that this made you think of someone special to you😊👍👍

This is a beautiful poem, it reminds me of someone I cherish so much.

Thanks a lot😊🙏

Nice, very good indeed. A much thoughtful way perhaps in a few lines would be

I thought my heart could reflect,
Your soul

But, alas it now lies...

Trying to piece together,
These fragments,

To create a new reflection,
Of your soul.

This is so beautiful😆😆 i cannot in my average brain write this👍👍my poetries are actually prose and most of them aren't even poetry but it's because i'm left-brained. I also dreamt to write lots of poetry but it all ends in prose..i'm sure you could write a poetry book to publish with your poetry skills😄👍👍

This is writen so wonderfully and how you play with the words really catches my attention. Well done and best wishes to you, @janesuiren.

Thank you @mell79 💕
It is my dream to be a fiction author, you encourage me with this😊😊

Go for it! Whatever your passion, just do it. If you don't try, you won't know how capable you are.

A big encouragement for me🤗🤗 thank you💝

I always find it amazing to see women with big dreams who like to improve themselves. At the same time, you also encourage me to strive more for my future. Thanks to you, @janesuiren. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be purchasing a book that you authored. 😍😍😍

I love your message🥰 you walked before me, i know you are a great woman as you are🤗🤗🤗 merry christmas & happy new year💝 i didn't know i need to hear this when i read it

And you are, too. Every one of us has our goals and failures in life, and that is what makes us who we are now. Keep pursuing your dreams; nothing can stop you.


What I kind of poem.
Your talent is awesome sis.

Thank you😸 but i'm far cry from my sister, she is a pro at writing poetry and anything about exceptional artist too and my editor in my short stories..
Thanks for stopping by again @jessmcwhite 💕

Well that's a great news...but still you did your best and that's what it called pro not at all just half haha

Very sweet poem, friend.