The Art Of Now

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My breath,
With ease I allow myself to anchor,
As the energy moves through my body,
Spreading out from my center.

As gentle waves of recognition wash over me.
My stomach rises, followed by my chest,
And I feel myself slip
Into a sense of heightened awareness.

I let it all out,
The thoughts that distract me,
the feelings that imprisoned me,
I set them free.

And now,
I flow,
A natural rhythm that lies within,
I feel every cell of my body sing.

As I embody the Art Of Now.


I am still processing, the wonderful experience I had last weekend at The Art Of Now retreat I attended. Certain moments come back to me, filling me with love and warmth and others with a sadness. But only fleeting. Just a small taste of sadness.

I feel I have expanded, that I have grown. That my presence is somehow larger now, because I dared to put myself out there and it felt so good.

So many smiles throughout my days as I relive the experience. Reminders that all I need is to remember to breathe and center myself as I connect and expand. Embodying the Art Of Now xxx



Nice ✨♾️💓

Thank you xxxxx

Embodying the Art of Now. Such a deep a soulful concept. I didn't think about connecting with yourself like that. Centering your being and just taking a breath. Deep and invigorating.
Bringing yourself into completion and enjoying the present more than anything. !luv it.

Thanks so much @jhymi xxx

You're welcome.🤗

We are like plants, from our roots we grow by feeding ourselves with the nutrients of life that will make us better people. as we grow and flow towards a sky to elevarnos to the majesty of life.
Thanks for sharing.
Good day.

Yes like roots indeed xxxx

I loved this writing where you find yourself, where good experiences help one to be with nature, get some air, enjoy and be well, as a friend says, what is well enjoyed will never be forgotten, thank you and very nice picture of that flower ♥

Thank you Jose xxxx

Lovely piece of writing... I love your choice of words and how each line tells a story.

This piece gives a simple feeling and it's very easy to imagine.

Such simple images, yet, so complex and things we do not attend to in modern life. Too hasty, too busy, too focused on things that do not help us root ourselves. We are masters at creating our own misery. Breathe. In. Out. Thank you for sharing your poem, it is really refreshing and a breath of fresh air.

So true we are masters at creating our own misery, now to changing it around so that we create abundance and joy xxxxc

We should focus on that yes, we can create our misery but like the phoenix rising from its own ashes, we can construct something beautiful if we just try. Have a blessed weekend!