What is the meaning of life

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What is the meaning of life. It's been asked before but not alot of people have answered it so I want more people here.

I have been looking at posts from people and most are either just promoting themselves or selling outrage to sell their post for upvotes.

I dont care if you upvote this or not I just want your answer.

login to Quello and snwer through here so its property logged within the Dapp.


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In my opinion the meaning of life is to find the pourpose of the life.

if you are finding the purpose of the life. That is still a question.

Are you answering my question with a question? @bhattg ?

oh ya you are right I have answered the question with another question 😋.

The purpose of life is to make a goal of your life, without goal life is wothless or we are wasting it by no means.

is it ok now mr. @akumagai.

Yes, that is a very satisfactory answer.

Follow on question towards goals. If your goal in life has been achieved and you subsequently have no more goal moving forward. Would your life then become worthless?

As a human being we will never satisfied from anything, if we reach to the goal then we will make bigger goal then that what so you think sir.