What are the options for acquiring LeoFinance LEO tokens?

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There are many people in the crypto space - both experienced and non - who will become interested in the buzz around LeoFinance LEO tokens and will most likely be coming across them for the first time.

What are the options - eg swap, mine, buy - for acquiring LeoFinance LEO tokens?

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There are a number of options for acquiring LeoFinance LEO tokens.

Earning LEO:
You can earn LEO by creating content on LeoFinance in the form of blogs, videos or comments. Once you have staked LEO in your account, you can also earn LEO by curating content through upvotes.

This is a great option for those looking to acquire LEO tokens without any up-front investment.

Buying LEO:
You can also instantly buy LEO using HIVE, on the LeoDex.

By buying LEO off an exchange, you can build an initial stake used to curate yourself, or alternatively delegate your tokens to earn a passive income.

Mining LEO:
Another option to passively earn LEO are Leo mining tokens.

There are 2 digital mining tokens available on the LeoDex that allow you to acquire LEO passively:

  1. LEOM (1x mining power).
  2. LEOMM (4x mining power).

Digital mining tokens work on a sort of lottery ticket system based on your mining power. There are 30 winning miner tickets per hour and 1 mining power gives you 1 chance of mining a LEO token.

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