What is LeoFinance?

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Researching and doing due diligence on LeoFinance LEO tokens leads inevitably to LeoFinance. What is LeoFinance?

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LeoFinance is an online community that has a focus on the topics of finance, investing and trading.

Whether you're interested in stocks, forex, crypto and anything in between, LeoFinance is the finance community for you.

Advantages of LeoFinance

As a decentralised online community, LeoFinance has a number of advantages over similar centralised platforms like Seeking Alpha.

Make Money:
You can make money in the form of LEO tokens for posting, commenting and curating content within the LeoFinance community.

As you earn and stake LEO tokens, the more power you have over the platform’s reward pool distribution.

Censorship Resistant:
As your LeoFinance content is stored on the decentralised Hive blockchain, nobody has the ability to censor or take down your content if they don’t agree.

While the community votes on which pieces of content are most prominently displayed on the leofinance.io front-end, content always remains on the blockchain.

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