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RE: Tips, Notifications and Other Improvements

in About PeakDlast year (edited)

Awesome Update! I love the Tips Addon to PeakD so an Author can easily get some funds after the 7-days periode. Thanks @mys and @cardboard for your hard and nice work! The Search-Function in a Community is great! All the Way... Awesome Work and Thanks for the Update!!!

Just made the German Translation of this Article, which u can see here:

Edit: Does Tipping under Comments also make Sense? Maybe at the 3 little Dots for more Options:



Something to be discussed for the next release ;)

Actually this is already possible for comments if you look at them directly. I just tested this on a comment of mine. It does not display though when you go one comment "level" up.

İ would like to tip for comments. Some people make comments worthy of a tip.

I'm genuinely excited! Haha