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UPDATE: This FAQ post has the up to date info on creating badges

You have 1 week to update old badges and to submit ideas for new badges.


We will take the 10 best badge ideas and list them for free.
Share your badge idea below.
You can even create the Public List and share the badge account name but no guarantees. Eventually we will have a badge submission system open to everyone anyway.


We wrote a post here: https://peakd.com/@steempeak/badge-creation-steps
That post has been updated with PeakD links

It's worth noting that badges is still in beta and that there is not a simple method to create badges on our site so you'll need to follow that how-to... this is part of why we're adding all these for free. Expect a lot more features for badges in the future.



All the old SteemPeak.com badges got listed on PeakD.com even though some of them don't make sense anymore and many of them need to update their badge recipient list as well as settings and name. We understand it's been a busy time recently and we are giving some time for users to update their badges.

Badges need to stay up to date to stay listed... specially the free ones.
So this is not a one time thing. You're the curator of your badge you're in charge of keeping it up to date. TIP: you may give your posting key to someone else to help you.


Remove references to STEEM
That's pretty much it... if you want your badge listed just keep it up to date... these badges are for the hive blockchain and are on PeakD. We would recommend changing references and links from SteemPeak.com to PeakD.com

The exception is that you want it to be a Steem related badge on the Hive blockchain and you plan to keep updating it. You must let us know this will be the case.

Share the badge account with us
For example @badge-424242


  • You have one week to make changes
  • Starting April 2nd we will review badges and see which ones are up to date

Even if we remove you can always contact us to re-apply with the badge-000000 name


As stated in this post there would be some removal of badges that appear to be badges specific to STEEM. The badges will still show up on SteemPeak.com but presently not here on PeakD.com

@badge-100000 @leo.voter
@badge-120586 @foodiesunite
@badge-323232 @contrabourdon
@badge-127001 @steemflagrewards
@badge-555555 @russia-btc
@badge-654321 @detlev
@badge-114105 @steemitbloggers
@badge-199099 @steemillu

You may still make changes to your badges and then in the response to this comment respond that you'd like us to list your badge on PeakD.com

We asked everyone to report to us if they want to keep their badges on hive. Seeing most of you didn't do that we're being lenient for the time being. Some of you specifically changed wording to reference HIVE which we take as a desire to stay on PeakD.

In the future there will be a small fee in part to dissuade users to create a badge one time and then never ever do anything with it again. A small will encourage badge curators to keep their badge up to date or remove from the list to give those who are keeping their badges up to date in the eyes of the users.

Also some badge creators may still be on Steem and aren't going to update hive badges... yet another reason to tell us that you've updated your badge.

Badge Idea: Certified Shitposter

Would be cool if @dtube made a badge

they already have one and it's listed

Seems like as a user we can only remove badges from our page, I don’t see a way to manually add one. I’d like to add the 3speak badge to my hive page and the DTube badge to my Steem page.

I would love to see a badge for @build-it.


What about certifying the Model of the week badge (Badge-666666). As long as APPICS is not migrated to hive it is deifficult to find sufficent models for the contest, but we plan to migrate to hive as soon as possible...

i have update our ecoTrain badge page

also can i keep the steempeak version going as well?
thanks a lot!

The CO2 Compensator Batch @badge-124389 of the CO2Fund is fine as it is. It refers to the CO2 Compensation Coin that can be purchased at steem-engine (HIVEP > STEEMP > COCO). Posts concerning CO2Fund are published on PeakD.
Thank you. @retinox

These badges have been updated