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Our users know us for being quick to fix bug reports.
We know are users for being helpful and understanding.


We knew that on the 20th when we launched that there would still be references to STEEM and that some of the features weren't connected and working.

We knew our users would report all the functions they were wanting us to get running... and they did.

It was certainly a very busy couple of days but one by one we made all the fixes and in large part because of all the comments and suggestions.

  • Delegations
  • Change keys function
  • Badges are updating now
  • Update signup to link to signup
  • Start a community
  • Claim new account token
  • Get community edit running
  • Get HBD conversion running
  • Use new account token
  • Enable post scheduling
  • Update app list in services
  • Get edit of Witness description running
  • Update Hive market stats in wallet via coingecko
  • Dozens of STEEM references (a couple small ones remaining)


We've added a message to all posts that were done prior to this chain's hardfork 23 It will help with the confusion of how all those posts reference steem or steempeak or steemit. There are some people who would like this.


UPCOMING: We want to remove the message for all accounts that have logged in with PeakD because they likely already understand.

Also... Never did these posts earn a token called HIVE or HBD ... those tokens were free airdrops given to users just a few days ago.
So it's false to say they earned hive or hive rewards... so we are showing STU for those pre-hardfork-23 posts.


Allowing us to run like this with community input helps us to iterate really really fast and now we get to move on to new features.


Not saying what the exact order is but here are some things to get excited about.

  • A more official bug reporting tool
  • We're gonna try a different system for FAQ
  • We're gonna make a system to allow people who don't like HIVE (or any reason i suppose) to self-blacklist.
  • We're gonna work on a system for account recovery now that we recently created the "change recovery account" system
  • Guest comments
  • More onboarding tools focused on sponsoring users
  • Updates to search UI
  • Bring back promoted posts in a new and improved way

Then we start getting into the real fun stuff as we start looking at integrating NEW projects from both HIVE developers or looking at great features from other chains.



Is there any chance to implement a blog filter feature which lets you find posts from your own blog. Filters by time or keyword or anything. It would be so cool to just jump to a post I made for example two years ago or I write in "morning sunrise" and it shows all the posts I have made about it over the years.

a little bug:

I've setup BitShares Community account hive-120117 to auto-upvote admins/mods posts as a little thank you.

hive- account votes are not visible in the peakd UI. it's not visible in posts "votes" view

hive-120117 is missing in the list

another thing: if you click on a post link, it starts at the end of the post instead top. that's slightly confusing :)


Already fixed, thanks ;)

yo ash, new profile pic?

Thanks to your work, no one really felt the transition from STEEM to HIVE.

Благодаря Вашему труду, никто особо не ощутил переход со STEEM на HIVE.

steempeak was always my favorite and I'm really glad to see you guys on Hive, with peakd. It's awesome to see how quickly you've been improving & patching up everything as well. Keep up the good work & thank you!

I know there are going to be issues for a little bit, we're just having a little patience and waiting for the dust to settle, you guys have done an amazing job transferring things in such a short time.

@peakd - Thanks for all of the hard work. I appreciate all that you are doing to make the transition as smooth as possible.

I was wondering if there was a solid post that explains the reward system. Basically I am trying to figure out if post payouts are being displayed in USD or Hive values, but I would be curious about other related topics as well.

Thanks in advance!

Not familiar with one. We call the value Hive Rewards. It's not a USD value but from what we know it tries really hard to be close to a USD value.

Glad to see you on Hive, @sumatranate!

I'm patient, but I'll start making a list.

Can you consider a temporary bookmark feature, especially when bookmarked from the feed. Like it deletes when I open the post to read, or after payout if I don't bother.

The bookmark function seems to be working for me, the three dots after reply have the option. I don't get a signal or anything that the bookmark was successful, but a quick look at the bookmark link under user name and it is there. for deleting it is pretty quick to do, just click the red trash can, caution though cause it doesn't ask if you are sure you want to do it.

Good catch on no warning both adding and deleting. We dont need confirmed button, but a quick popup note and perhaps a book mark indicator...

I like the feature, there is just room for improvement. Thanks for adding your thoughts on this. 🥰

Good work guys.

Guest comments, that's piqued my interest.
We talking anonymous, or log-in with Facebook level?

We already have Guest Login. Those are the guests that will be able to comment. And getting a guest account takes seconds.

Awesome, especially the delegations are welcome :)

forgive but can someone tell me what it means to claim your account token?

You can use a large amount of RC to claim an account token that can be used to create a new account. Many people that have these are helping to onboard new people... though the feature set for this is still not very developed.

That is really cool, thank you.

its not letting me, saying I need more Hive power, do you need to have thousands in hive power to do this?

Hi, excellent work on peakd!

Just to point out one thing, the HBD conversion still not working. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Great work.
I am not sure though if "Claim account creation token" operation works as intended.
Today I've been only getting error messages. I just found out that this option exists through this post.

Really awesome work @peakd! Even with Steempeak as a template, you still must have done an amazing amount of work to create such a smooth transition... huge gold stars to everyone on your team!

Bright Blessings!

great work as usual!

More onboarding tools focused on sponsoring users

want to share more details? 🙃

First step we need guest commenting working so that your friends can jump on to your post with a guest account in like 3 seconds and then in your comment say... hey Ash I need an account and you're like "Well they found the site and even made a comment and they're my friend... i shall give unto them an account" Boom

I mean there's a few more details in there.

Thanks. You're really Number One.

It would be great to have also the information of delegations coming to an account, I mean, from whom an account gets a delegation and the total delegated amount.

On top. Now You guys are the big ones here. Ehehe

I can't transact my hive. It says the key is not available or something. It needs my active key but I can only put in my pincode

Anyone knows how to create my own community through PEAKD? I cannot seem to find it?

The button is not available on mobile at the moment. Just desktop

Love Nice work getting live so fast. You guys put in a lot of work.

thanks peakD, you always did amazing thing. More power to your team and keep safe..

Great work
Thanks for updates

These are all very useful update for PeakD. Thanks a lot for your hardwork!

Excellent stuff guys!

Keep up the good work! :<)

For such a short time you guys have done a fantastic job.

You are doing a great work indeed. Lot's of fun, ain't it?

Self-blacklisting is a novelty. You should patent it :)

It’s hard to delete and edit Tag when writing a post. Also, if you can disable auto-shrink/auto-fit when keyboard pops up on mobile it will be awesome because presently it’s not easy to edit post or write long post from a mobile phone.

I just need to get dark mode on Is there any update regarding dark mode on

Hi @peakd.
I noticed that the images of the posts I published on Steem before May 10, 2017, don't show up on peakd.
They are visible in steempeak and Steemit.
I hope this is not a problem with my computer, but I tried 3 different browsers and I get an image error.
Hope this can help if you didn't see it yet.
Thanks for this huge work in the most attractive and functional interface.

Thanks guys ! What a bunch of legends. Amazing how PeakD was ready so quickly.

Exciting times.

You guys moved fast, and it's amazing to see the progress & enhancements you've made. I know it's no small feat!

Guest comments!!!! I didn’t even think of that but this will be super nice and encourage us to share posts off chain!!

i do not appear to see my account on peakd? -- any ideas.

magically it's fine now. thanks!

Why are you in spaminator, steemcleaners blacklist?

because they deem it so. dtube crosspost not my content, then they got all like strawman, yada yada. just bad actors in the team with a grudge probably.

Ah, well, shit happens right?