Introducing the Peak FAQ Project

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The project is located here:



This should not be seen as fill in for our need to work hard toward INTUITIVE DESIGN on the site making it so new users don't have to read any of this. That is still our primary goal... we want new users to intuitively understand how the site works... at least the basics.

However sometimes having a document to answer questions is very helpful... specially if it's well organized and maybe even searchable. And now that we're organizing a support team to answer more technical questions we thought having some more technical documentation would be helpful so that they can often direct users to where to find the answer. And keep updating the answer in one place if there is a need. Also users giving support to other users often need to read up on what the answers are or we're just creating more work for ourselves as the support team may be bombarding everyone with constant questions just to answer the questions of other people.


Go vote on some of your favorite articles.


  • 14 articles as of right now
  • 64 more articles tentatiely planned
  • Looking at developing ways to sort posts (so we can show basics before advanced faqs etc)
  • Looking at developing ways to show sub-categories of posts so users can search by faq topics.
  • Looking at developing ways to search posts within the community.
  • Looking at developing new view style to show more posts on a page.
  • Considering the ability to vote beyond the 7 days on these posts.
    On that note some of these were written over 7 days ago but won't be getting any votes in present system
  • These articles are likely very useful for users of other interfaces


Because posts can be easily edited/updated
Because posts can easily include visual and audio material.
Because users can follow up with questions or clarifications in the comments.
Because communities allow for moderation to keep the comments and posts on subject.
Because developing new features for this community may help other communities.
Because it could allow us to involve other document writers easily.
Because each post having a link allows us to integrate answers in different areas of our website.


The community:
Table of contents:
Submit a new question:



Woot, woot finally coming to life! good to see things people talk about actually be done. Looking forward to helping with this. 😄

Found it, took a look, liked it, subscribed to it. I think it will be a very useful tool for people. Someone has been real busy.

If you guys wanted to use any of my material/explanations from the Bluffer's Guide then feel free (as long as there's an attribution to it, I don't mind)!

Making this place as easy to navigate as possible whilst having answers to questions that may be straightforward or more complex is what users need to have. Let me know if I can help and will do what I can 😃

The team @peakd as always bringing to the platform things that we really need.

I am very grateful for all the support.

Resteemed to catch more eyes about this post

Great work indeed by @peakd. I have seen lot of additional features being made on Peakd in recent days.

with one unsuccessful update the best site was turned into a useless steemit. Return the translation of the pages!

Can you explain what you mean by "translation of the pages" also does this have something to do with the FAQ project?

extensions for text translation have stopped working, for a week now the site is only for English speakers

& it would be more convenient to place the "switch user" under the "profile" button

Allowing extensions to translate posts on the fly is not possible at the moment with the new website configuration.

There are other way to allow post translations, but I'll need a bit of time before working on this as we have more pressing features to release first.

ok, I’ll read while steempeak;
alpha, so alpha:)