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Do you prefer listening over reading posts? Then this is the feature that you've been waiting for!

The Hive community can now listen to longer posts with the newest Text to speech feature on PeakD! With a single click, you may now listen to the posts that you are interested in. This feature is available for English posts with at least 200 words.

Please note that we don't use any external service to provide this new features. The audio is dynamically generated by your browser/device from a stripped down version of the post text content (images and other formatting characters are removed). This also means the quality of the generated audio may vary based on how good your browser/device is at interpreting the text.

Text to Speech feature


Using this feature is easy -- you just have to click on the play button embedded in the post that you are interested in. Then voila! You can now rest your eyes and absorb the content of posts while not having to look at your screen.

Few notes about Text to Speech feature:

  • Text to speech will stop when user navigates to a different page.
  • Text to speech button is only available on english posts due to poor translation for other languages.

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We value feedback from the Hive communnity and we'd love to hear more from you. In fact, the text to speech feature emerged as a result of a suggestion by @daltono on the Peak Projects discord server.

Feature request on Peak discord


We love hearing the experience of our users as it helps us know what we are doing right and what we can improve on. Please feel free to share with us any feedback that you have. You can tag us on twitter, connect with us on discord, or comment down below. We would also love to see the Hive community make a post about it!


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The feature that none of us knew we needed 🤩

It was a great addition I must say, I loved it after updating my PeakD and listening to it as it clearly read my post. It was really perfect with words.

PS: If there is any future possibility of adjusting the speed of the read (making it optional and flexible), that will also be great. Just thinking.

I also noticed that it is unable to separate headings from its first paragraph, it reads headings together with the words under it, non-stop. It means without a full stop to the heading, it will not be able to separate them.

I think those are my main observations.

Nevertheless, it is indeed impressive.
Kudos @peakd

 last year  

Valid points. I consider this a first iteration of the feature and would like to improve it over time.

adjusting the speed

This is definitely possible, I just have to figure out a way to make it usable on the user interface.

separate headings from its first paragraph

Have to think about it and figure out how to improve. Thanks for reporting

Great, so I also observed that,

Reacting to this

Text to speech will stop when user navigates to a different page.

while using mobile phone, the reading doesn't stop permanently, it pauses and then continue despite not being active on the page. It only stops abruptly when you are using a PC. So maybe it's not applicable to mobile phones.

Wow this is cool. Thanks for always upgrade and updating the experience for us!

Oh wow! Great idea!

It's a bit weird listening to posts as I'm not a podcast person, but I have to say it's a really cool function, well done @asgarth and @peakd !!!

This is awesome! I just changed my English narrator with a heavy Dutch accent to a proper American one. In case other people bump into the same this is a Windows OS problem, I wrote a quickfix for that.

Thats a feature I didnt see coming 😅.
Pretty cool, just listened my last post. Actually quite amazed how well words ara told and even pauses near commas.
Definitely a worthy feature for the people who prefer listening.

Awesome Feature! It is working smoothly and great to listen post while working. Nice innovation, thanks for bringing this cool stuff!

This is a great update, thank you.

Now I will just be able to listen to posts without having to strain my eyes.

Thanks you for this! It will make my UI much better!!

oh wow, this is a great update! Interesting.

great job and innovative! Do you think it would be possible to be able to record voice messages in comments to posts? I think this would be really neat as well

@tipu curate

 last year  

Do you mean embedding an audio or generating the text for the comment automatically?

I was thinking of the former, but both could be interesting

maybe it's more of a function for the upcoming chat

Notes: in both Firefox and Edge, the TTS voice said, "asterisk," when it found Markdown code for italics at the start and end of my latest post where I am quoting some song lyrics. I added a '>' to make it into a quotation, and that eliminated the first TTS glitch, but it still recited "asterisk" at the end of that section. This seems to occur only for a block of italicized text, though, not for short words or phrases where it adds emphasis in a larger sentence. Hopefully that makes sense somehow. Maybe I need to adjust my own aesthetic sensibilities here to accommodate the robot.

 last year  

Thanks for reporting. I'll see if I can improve it to skip those characters 👍

I know stomping bugs is a pain. Overall, the feature is solid so far. Not bad at all for a mere beta release!

 last year  

Found a way to improve the parser to detect more of those special characters. Please refresh the website and give it another try 👍

Tested without refreshing, it repeated the "asterisk." Refreshed the page, and it didn't. Seems like a success to me!

EDIT: I also removed the quotation angle bracket and it properly read the lines without mentioning either asterisk.

 last year  

Nice, let me know if you find other glitches that we can work on 🙏

Great feature. Thanks!

Nice update, It's a helpful transformation on PeakD.

Great, is there any way to contribute as a developer to peakd to make improvements to the interface?

For example, I can think of adding a better text editor for publications (wysiwyg)?

Something that would help new users when creating their posts for formatting (without learning html or anything like that).

I loved the option because many times I have to do other things and I would like to be able to review posts without being glued to the computer, now I can put my headphones on and just listen to the posts 👏👏.

On the other hand I loved seeing a vote from you in my recently published collection, it made me feel special 💖. Thank you so much for working to improve the hive ecosystem @peakd.

This is an amazing feature, I actually copy and paste my posts into a text to speech app to edit them before posting. But, having that available for people reading posts is amazing.


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Is it normal not to see the option available on all posts? I noticed that in some posts the option is not available, the button just does not appear XD (while using my phone).

Anyway, this new feature is awesome: As a suggestion I would say that you could make a more aesthetic way to activate the option, so it doesn't look like a simple text box with gray background that doesn't seem to match the background.

Thank you for the hard work guys!! And cheers to @daltono for bringing this up

 last year  

It should be available on English post with more than 200 words. If you find a post that should have the button but it's not there please let me know sharing the link here

What if the post has an English and a Spanish version? Is it still acceptable for the Text to Speech? For example: this post

 last year  

Right now the feature is not sophisticated enough to "detect" something like that :(

No worries then! You guys are already doing an amazing work. Thanks for taking the time mate.

Great feature.👍

this is an awesome feature you added. great work @peakd

I love this feature even more. Thank you!

So cool! And now with AI there is a lot of sources to improve this! Awesome start guys! Really needed! Great work as usual!

Aha this is really a cool feather, i did use third party extensions and apps to do that. Now i don't have to use that apps not any more. Thanks for the great work and updates. 🎉

Have some pizza

!giphy great work

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this si so cool! I'll try them later

Hey Peakd... thanks for this. Hmmm, i clicked that button and it seems to show that it's playing, but i can't hear anything!? All audio features on the computer are active though.

 last year  

That's strange. Do you have a way to check on a different device? Just to verify if the problem is related to a specific browser/operating system?

Let me do that, will take a moment... i'll get back to you!

Hi there Sergio

Tried the Opera browser, though it doesn't even show the "Listen"-button... hmmm! Going to check on another computer soon enough. Keeping you up to date ASAP!

btw... same computer, OS is linux

 last year  

That usually means your browser does not support text-to-speech. I'm on Linux too and I have the button on Chrome 🤔

Yeah, thought it's something like that... I'm not a fan of Opera especially lately, i feel they have changed and made a deal with BigCentralizedBros. Something's off there anyway. For now i prefer using "Brave".

Going away today and hope to get a possibility to check on another machine. KYU!

Okee dokee. didn't find any other way that would work here...

Though found that Brave Browser isn't too good on the TTS for now...

I'll continue to read for now. 😏

Substack have recently added a text-to-speech feature and I've enjoyed using there's. Agree with the comments made above on speed and maybe slight pauses between paragraphs. Certainly a really cool addition to the product!

Hi @peakd

Do views get counted when they come via collections?

I posted a collection to Reddit, and I know that it's getting views because my other posts there did, and it is getting upvotes on Reddit just like those. Yet no views seem to be coming through to the collection post itself nor the posts that are included in the collection, according to the views pages on