SimpleSwap, Communities Titles and Better Referrals Page

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A new release of is now available. Keep reading to discover the new features and check the full list of improvements ;)

The new release is now live at


1. Easily exchange other cryptos to HIVE/HBD with SimpleSwap

It's now possible to 'deposit' into your Hive account directly from your Wallet thanks to a small widget provided by

Easy access to the new Deposit panel

An overview of the Deposit section is shown below, just be sure to read the tips and understand how the service works before using it.

A preview of the page

Note: if you have issues and you are using Brave try disabling the Shield (thanks to @nelyp for this hint)

2. It's now possible to set titles for community members

In the previous release we started using the community titles so this is the obvious next step. You can now set the Titles for members of a community in the Roles page.


Also the layout of the authors labels have been improved in this update.

3. Improvements to Referrals page and referrals wallet transactions

A new section on the Referrals page give an easy overview of the main stats. Also from this section you can access a customized feed including the posts from accounts you have referred that have been active recently.


And to make it even easier to handle new referred accounts signup the transactions sent by @hiveonboard now have a better layout in the wallet:


4. Some minor improvements and bug fixes

As always some minor improvements, updates and fixes across the website. You can check the full release notes here:

# Improvements and Fixes

[update]  Better layout and overflow for community post author titles
[update]  Improve Publish page preview rendering when using embedded content (videos, tweets, ...)
[update]  Increased security of embedded content using sandboxed iframes when possible
[update]  Post authors title is only shown in communities related pages (not in blog, topics and following feed)
[update]  Improve actions availalbe in Followers page menu
[fix]  Fix embedded Tweets size

Support the @peakd project

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @peakd.


We have a proposal on the Decentralized Hive Fund. You can review the proposal here.
If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to the Hive Blockchain consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.

We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Hive Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on the witness page:

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using HiveSigner: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The PeakD Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:


Sweet, I feel like im on feature crack, these posts always make me so giddy to use this site

really like how this is evolving! good job guys :)

Peakd just keeps developing at a stunning pace, cheers I love the hive/HBD swap

Love the always improving and the adding of things that make thriving on give easy

PEAKD getting better. voted for witnesses.

The crypto -> Hive swap is a great addition :) make it can be added also to the others / services window (in the wallet)?

Where else would you suggest?

I meant this window :)
Screenshot_20200807 cardboard  cardboard PeakD.png

Dapps on #HIVE are turning extremely powerfull. I don't remember seeing openly exposed businesses cooperating so well in life. This really recalls me that the ecosystem is now evolving to a stage I call on businesses strategy, "healthy rooting" (which means, to create enough pilars on a business to create self sustainable activities in order to support a greater cause, just like #HIVE).

I am really enjoying this revolutionary social experience!

Excellent work! Go go PeakD!

everything you do makes no sense for most of the inhabitants of our planet.
Because pAgE tRaNsLaTiOn does not work

I tried to explain this in the past. The issue is not on us, it's a problem on the way the extensions works. The integrated 'translate' option in Chrome works for me. Some extensions don't work.

I also checked on twitter and the Google Translate extension does not work there either for exactly the same (security) reasons. Same for

My plan is to integrate a translation service directly in PeakD so users don't have to rely on extensions, but it will take a bit more time.

while you are busy with others, many simply do not use the Hive. Just roll back for now, like in steempeak, where everything works in all browsers

Not going to reduce the security of the website to allow translation extensions, sorry :P

Just to clarify, the simpleswap is different from by @cardboard right?

Yep, different service with similar name. Not related.

Noted. I'll check this out.

Nice one peakd... I need to go check the hive/hbd swap immediately. Thanks for the good work.

@peakd, i have checked it already but I noticed the minimum hbd you can swap for hive is 31Hbd. That's quite too high for a minimum for me.

Unfortunately this is not up to us as we just integrate an external exchange. I hope they will lower the minimum in the future.

Yeah, I hope they will. Anyway thanks for the update.

It's always amazing the way you made an improvement. It's helpful to find easily the swap because it's already there. I just referred someone but I'm just wondering if I can earn in return?

Referred accounts are created with a default 3% beneficiary set to the referrer account. They can always update/remove this later (they own the account so they can configure it), but by default you will get 3% of the rewards on their posts.

A little change is also a change... Finally That leads to an overall change for good.. So keep improving.. And thanks for letting know the whole @hive community about these updates..


Nice one - question on swap - when I swap HBD for Hive where to I see which prize rates are used? Just before I click and am annoyed afterwards.

What do you mean with 'swap'? The new features released today is not to swap HBD for HIVE, but other cryptos to HIVE/HBD.

Maybe a screenshot will help :)

Maybe that was old already from the Wallet:

Screen Shot 20200806 at 15.01.16.png


Screen Shot 20200806 at 15.01.28.png

Yes, that's not something new :)

If you want to get a preview of the resulting amount you can use the website of that service:

Wonderful... Thanks for the great service you are providing! 😀

Depositing other cryptocurrencies to the Hive wallet is a great step in this way a person who has other currency can deposit to those cryptocurrencies in the wallet and then they can use it for getting hive power

Let's go so many updates.

Hive’s one stop shop, something very cool would be video upload.

Any suggestion of what video system to integrate with... there has to be a place to store the videos.

Absolutely love using PeakD. The addition of easily depositing other crypto and converting to Hive is awesome. Can we expect a mobile app?

we need to find a mobile app developer perfect for that task.

Thanks for the update post. I like to use Hive for my content creation. I have a question. In the menu for Drafts, Templates, Scheduled post, on the left hand side, the system shows my old Profile image.

I changed the image a couple month ago. Is this a bug?

I am new in the comunity so not everything is clear to me but in many things PeakD is comfortable to use, thank you for good job.

Great features!