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Welcome to an exciting development on our platform! We're thrilled to announce that we are the 4th website to integrate the groundbreaking Hive-based chat system. Noticed the new icon in the top right corner? Click it and get ready to dive into an entirely new experience!


Imagine having Discord style channels, but based on Hive Communities. A place where every community gets its own #general channel, channels can be public or private, and all your direct and group messages are encrypted for your security. Sounds amazing, right?

Even better, all messages are held on server nodes, laying the foundation for a decentralized system (we're just on one server for now). To ensure top-notch security, sensitive messages are encrypted and decrypted using the user's Hive Posting keys. This chat can be integrated on any site, offering you the same message options wherever you are.

But there's more. Community chat rooms, a new feature that allows community admins to create as many chat channels as they want for their community, is a game-changer. Hive has already empowered users to connect and create content, and now it's taking this interaction to the next level.

Have you cast your vote on the project to create open source software? This chat system is part of it, alongside several other exciting features. Don't miss out: Vote Now!



Simply click the top right corner icon to open the chat.


Want to message someone directly? Open their profile and click on the icon to open a widget with a default to message that person.


We're aware of a few minor issues and rest assured, our developer is working tirelessly to improve your user experience. Some improvements you can look forward to include:

  • Enhanced tagging of individuals
    - An emoji box that doesn't close prematurely
  • Fixes to issues related to sending pictures from the clipboard
  • Improved chat box to prevent message overlap with icons
  • Better order of Roles/titles in the right-hand menu
  • Enhanced notifications and read notifications indication (when switching websites)
  • Options for font customization to satisfy all our font enthusiasts


Is Sting Chat Open Source?
Yes! All Peak Open Projects tools are open source. We actively encourage developers to help make additions to the software, and we reward contributors with funds from the Hive Community.


What about security issues?**
Sting Chat offers excellent security benefits. When you talk to someone, you can be sure you're talking to that account unless their Hive keys get compromised. Always double-check usernames for misspellings, and ensure you're using the chat from a reputable Hive site connected to a reliable Node.

Can I change fonts?
Yes, you can! Click on your profile, select "Themes" and modify the color and font as per your preference.

When will it be on _____ website?
If you want it on another website, go on, tell their developers about it! The Peak Open Projects team is more than ready to assist them in integrating the widget onto their site.

What happened to BeeChat?
BeeChat stopped development shortly after its creation and integration with PeakD. We started looking for a replacement and found an enthusiastic developer for what is now a fantastic addition to the Peak Open Projects. We're thrilled to have replaced BeeChat with this system.

Do I need Keychain to use Sting Chat?
Yes, Keychain is currently the only system that supports what is needed for this software.

Do I have to confirm each time I send or read an encrypted message?
If you're using Keychain, you can set it to Auto confirm to avoid these messages.

Does C/about PeakD community show up for everyone?
Yes. Each site that uses the chat widget can choose a default community, and we chose C/about PeakD for That's why you're seeing so much action happening on that community right now.

Any other questions?
Please ask in the comments!








  1. Remove subscribed to communities from your side bar
  2. Re-add them
  3. Maybe add communities that you don't even subscribe to

Don't forget to vote: Click Here to Vote


Great work. However, I'm curious and have a few questions.

Where are all messages currently stored?
The readme file refers to an SQL database, but where is it hosted and is it decentralized?
Since I assume it's not public access, why not store the messages in the blockchain as well?

 8 months ago (edited) 

Thank you! The messages are stored on open-source decentralized messaging backend nodes. (currently there is one run by peakd) The source code is at
It has public access and others can start a node and connect to it or start a separate chatting network if they wished.
There is also a js library to communicate with the nodes which can be used read/write messages or listen to new messages on specific channels.
In other words the system is made of 3 modular components:

  1. decentralized messaging backend nodes.
  2. js library used to communicate with it and for creating, signing, encoding, decoding and verifying messages
  3. a frontend and widget implementation using 1. 2.

' 1. 2. still has to have documentation and examples finished before it would be "officially released", however it is already available on the open source repositories.

 8 months ago  

The messages are stored on a decentralized node system.

Currently, there's only one running but the goal is to make it that anyone can run it.

I think the main reason why they aren't storing messages on chain is to be able to run the system without it requiring RC, but I could be wrong.

@mirafun is the main developer on this protocol specifically and can likely speak to the reasons for how it's currently setup.

I'm already seeing some activity in a few communities. We need this on Ecency and Leo Finance at least to reach many more people. I look forward to dumping Discord.

agreed we would love to work with them to get it on there.
Since is open source we could have anyone do it and our proposal funds would help pay for that work if they wanted.

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I am loving this new feature, good work team 🙂

Hi, this is huge! Hopefully the tractions will now stay on the blockchain itself and not go to discord lol!

this is impressive

I can't seem to login to sting chat on now. I'm on Brave browser.

The dev tool console is included in screenshot below


Hello hello.

Some mobile issues on app. Navigation orientated so worth fixing. Do you have Discord channel to send for your developers, please?

Hello, it is an interesting proposal.

Since it was installed, I CANNOT SEE THE IMAGES OF MY PROFILE and of any community.

How can I deactivate it, or how can I go back to the old version of Peakd that works fine for me.

Thank you

Screenshot 2023-06-17 084341.jpg

I just checked your profile and I can see all images. Can you maybe reach out to me on discord?

Doesn't work on Brave Desktop Browser and haven't tried accessing it on others. I just get a big red box with nothing else at all showing when I click on it. I even turned of the shields and still nothing.

That's great think to know about. I am going to try it. Best wishes!

My previous @v4vapp proposal has expired. I have a new one which is running but unfunded right now. I'm still running @v4vapp and all my other services.

I've just updated and I'm getting ready for some exciting new features after the next hard fork.

Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #265 or consider unvoting the return vote.

For understandable reasons in the current crypto climate it is harder to get funded by the DHF, I accept this so I'm asking a wider audience for help again. I'll also add that I power up Hive every day and usually power up larger amounts on 1st of the Month. I'm on Hive for ideological reasons much more than for only economic benefit.

Additionally you can also help with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.

I am a huge fan of Sting Chat. I think the integration of mobile support will be huge for helping bind community members closer together through easier direct communication methods. One thing that drove mass adoption of the legacy Facebook and Instagram (as well as Twitter) platforms was the Direct Message feature.

Created a community now I have no way to find it? it's not searchable nor listed as far as I can see? It's definitely been signed and confirmed so no idea what to do now there's practically no info on this matter i can find easily either.

Hello. Just saw Sting Chat on Peakd now and I wonder why I cannot send a message in the general chat or anywhere at all? I am signed in on Peakd but somehow I cannot join any chat at all? Am using Edge browser, does that matter or no?