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We have added more information to explain how recovery works, hope this helps users:

  • Understand the need for recovery
  • Understand why using @steem account is useless on Hive blockchain
  • Understand some options for good recovery accounts to use


Understanding Recovery:

If your account keys have been stolen and used by someone else, first try to use your own OWNER key to change your keys. However the theif could change the keys themself (if the OWNER key or MASTER password has been stolen) and lock you out. So if this happens you will need to recover your account

A recovery account should be:
someone you personally know and trust to verify that your account was compromised and
they can validate that you want to "recover" the account and
they are unlikely to also be compromised at the same time.

TIPS: While it would be helpful to choose someone technologically inclined it is more important to choose someone you know and can contact outside of Hive, someone that wouldn't be fooled by the theif that may have compromised your entire computer

IMPORTANT: The recovery method is NOT for lost keys/passwords. You still need your original OWNER key to do the recovery process. There is no way to access/recover an account without a valid key.


go to this page (insert your username)

Either of these two features (highlighted below) can be used to either FIND your keys or validate and tell you which key you're trying to use.

For example if you have your master password you can use the Reveal All keys to quickly find your OWNER KEY >

In short if you get an error using the recovery account process it almost always means you are using the wrong key. You must use the OWNER KEY. Then be very very very careful with that owner key... the use case of that key is very very small that's why Hive Keychain doesn't even support it because there is very little you can do with it. But changing recovery account is one of those things.



You still need your original OWNER key to do the recovery process. There is no way to access/recover an account without a valid key.

So are you saying, if the account is compromised and someone already changed the owner key, then we can still use the old owner key because that is valid ?

You can use the old owner key to start the recovery process, but the recovery account must verify it.

Even the OLD owner key will work... but if you don't have the OLD one then there is nothing that can be done.

Hi, awhile back @arcange posted this guide. Is this still valid? And if so, if something happens to him, does he have a backup?


That method should work automatically, without needing manual action. From what I know you just have remind your password for recovery.

Yes, the service is still running.
My bot and servers should survive me and the service is fully automated.
That being said, I'm willing to make it more decentralized and community-managed as soon as it has proven to be bulletproof.

30 minutes ago I made the change

what if something goes wrong while doing account recovery. can you repeat it to do a recovery?

This post is not about the actual 'recovery' process. It's more about setting up the recovery account.

More details on account recovery will be shared as soon as we start supporting it ;)

Hello thank you very much for the information you provide

What to do if more details about account recovery do not help ?

do not help with what?

Thank you for the information