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QUICK NEWS: We have another update being tested on that may come out tomorrow or the next day. Biggest change is likely some significant changes to PeakLock... you can check them out now.
Then we will likely release new Promoted Posts system, some layout changes, wallet upgrades and new user and on-boarding tools.



...We even have several ways to get paid.

There are many opportunities to work with and for from Beta testers to Customer Support team to implementing cool tools and of course more developers to help @asgarth develop all our features faster.

There's lots of opportunities for lots of people. While on a few may be paid there is still lots of ways to get involved and to be recognized for it.

To expedite this process we have created a GOOGLE FORM / SURVEY

There are 5 sections... pick the section that applies to you.


tiny post labels 3.png

Basically it's like two groups

  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Beta testing new features

Those who want to be part of a voluntary group that discusses ideas and gives quick feedback on features we're working on or planning on. There have been a few of these impromptu groups in the past on discord. We are just making it more official.

There will be a discord label and a badges and most likely private discord discussions.
Likely just need to stay active to remain in the group.

tiny post labels 2.png

MODERATING - Basically means keep the community pages and discord free of spam.
SUPPORT - Is varied it could be people who can help new users... all the way to users who can give higher end tech support and save time for developers.

Here's what the form will be asking

It does take some level of trust to do all these things all the way from moderate to writing content to of course knowing hive and PeakD well enough to give competent high end tech support.

For those doing higher end support or writing articles we are thinking about some sort of monthly gift of our appreciation... Aka Crypto in addition to the roles and the Peak Badge.

tiny post labels 1.png

We have and will be talking to some lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs and even a handful of incredibly successful content creators about jumping on a advisory council with us. These are likely people that are so successful at their career they're not gonna be willing to jump into a startup but they're perhaps great friends and or they love what we're and want to be a part in a small way.

  • Lawyers
  • Political consultants
  • Design experts
  • Blockchain, crypto, social experts
  • Business, design experts
  • And of course the top representatives for who we are aiming for later this year. Full time content creators.

There are incentives for this as well which vary based on what the individual brings to the table in expertise and time. Including small bits of equity from the dynamic equity system Peak Projects implements.

tiny post labels.png

We work with lots of 3rd parties already.

  • Keychain and HiveSigner for login methods
  • We pay Esteem for search API
  • We use content and blacklist API from 3rd parties
  • We have done a bit of Brave Browser integration and their BAT rewards system
  • We have and are about to put a bunch of projects in a newly designed wallet page.
  • Our team also developed a pretty robust site that interacts with Splinterlands.
  • We're working with teams like open-seed to look at implementing some of their features.
  • We've worked with teams like hive-engine in the past to make nice interface in the wallet.

There's perhaps lots of opportunities to integrate tools into the site or perhaps promote tools that help users.

  • We push people to the signup page.
  • We push people to the hive internal market.

So what's your idea... the form is a good place for that.
Just keep in mind that our to do and idea list is very long already so we may already have plans to have everything already in there. But maybe the trick is having you help get it in there.

Usually win-win is what we want to see most. However if it saves us lots of time and money or it brings in revenue then of course financial incentive can be discussed.

tiny post labels 4.png

First things first... we need developers.

We could handle paid-contracted help for things like:

  • working on mobile application
  • We even would like to develop a few stand alone open-source projects.
  • We could bring on a part time person to help be a second helper to @asgarth with all the servers we run maybe expand our usage of our hivemind server and analytics servers.
  • We can bring in someone to help user interface stuff.
    Feature design, front end design or even blockchain type stuff.
    Many options may presently make more sense for temporary contracted help
    ... but who knows there could be long term paid work available.

Yes there will be room for others in the future... later this year we will likely be bringing in a bunch of part time content writers for a marketing project. I guess you could apply early.

We would like to pay developers. However we may be willing to deal with partial equity options. We use a system called "dynamic equity". We could consider a mix of both but where possible we lean payment... or even contract.
FYI: The equity can and will continue to pay out as well. However it takes time to rack up equity in dynamic systems specially with 2 people who have poured thousands of hours into the project already. But again where possible or desired good ol' crypto payments may be right up your alley. Or some sort of way to develop things that bring in revenue.

NOTE: We will for sure not rush this... we will wait for a good match for the technology and for the team culture.


Pick which section(s) you're interested in and let us know.
Some projects will start right away and some will start later.
For potential team members expect an ongoing or more thorough process.
Got a feature you want to get on let's start chatting soon.

We reserve to upgrade or change this process at any time... just like we upgrade and change our website. #alwaysprogressing Obviously we hope to hire more people in the future and what better way to know to have a bigger paid role in the project than those who are helping out now.


Good luck guys, it's lovely to know HIVE team are planning and building teams to make HIVE better... although I would love to help, I do not qualify other than a possible content written, but you will find better writters but I will write anyway when inspired about HIVE and give my honest good word.

I am hopeful to grow with the HIVE community, I too have some old scares of the conflict in Steem...and sure I too would be rewarded if HIVE grows for supporting it, even in a small way.

Long Live the Blockchain and all the best to HIVE!!!

To me, Peakd is the perfect representation of the magic that happens when app developers work closely with the app users. I would love to be a part of that collaborative environment.

I'm very excited about how dynamic and constantly improving PeakD is! From my perspective — as a long term blogger and content creator — PeakD has the potential to become the primary front-end onboarding tool because of its features and a level of usability that approaches what the broader social content market expects: It's plug-and-play with a very short learning curve.

If we seriously are going to get aggressive about onboarding new users, we have to make it easy and intuitive for people to sign up and get started... that is the industry standard and we can't give ourselves a "hall pass" simply because we're on the blockchain.

Excited about what's in the pipeline!

Yep we need to clean up the place and make it easy and intuitive to use. Give them good resources if they want to dig deeper and then start working on making sign up easier. Hopefully "soon" is the time to bring people in... when we can prove retention rates. (If you can't retain them then don't bring them in... yet)

Excellent. Once again PeakD showing they are the best project out there. Expect me for something 😀

Yes this is what we wanted to hear!

Peakd is growing an an unbelievable rate and the team has definitely been amazing and well. Keep up the great work you are doing.

Well we can certainly grow much faster... thus the need for this post and more people on the team. But thank you for the compliments.

Hi guys,

As a full-time blogger, and having used WordPress, I totally enjoy Peakd.

Really wishing for a desktop experience (app).

Even wrote a post: Why I Love Peakd

And filled out the form!


Thanks will check it out... form and post.

I have been looking for ways to do some coding work that helps the Hive community but with my main job I wasn't really able to do a project on my own but doing some side work with you guys could help me achieve that little goal of helping our Hive grow :-D I will be for sure filling up the forms.

Hi @peakd I'm a front end developer and would be interested in helping out... Will complete the Gform and see if I can be of any assistance.

Awesome looking forward to checking it out.

You guys are dialing it up to 11!

THIS IS PEAKD-tap? haha

the other thing I would highly suggest you change is this:
All areas on the home site (before you log in) should be viewable and clickable. When i first went to, and tried to view some content, it said "you must log in to see this:. This is a terrible idea, as it discourages people who want to look around to see what kind of content is available. I recommend fixing this immediately. People want to try out things, and see what is on a site, and preventing them from seeing it, is a bad user experience.

Which areas are you mostly talking about?

Feed. I know you can't show a personalized FEEd when someone is not logged in, but you shouldn't have this button available to people who are not logged in. Showing a button that people click on, then saying "you cannot view this" is a bad design. It should be fixed.

Open doors. That's a good one. Giving chance to everyone to participate.

I like the product you put out, and am willing to help do some testing. I am just a user, not a programmer or expert in anything, but I do like to poke around things.

I always try to help people who have questions, and looking for answers helps me learn the system more also. So I will likely continue in doing that. I am looking forward to the changes.

Awesome we for sure would love lots of testers and you seem like you even have some good support skills too. We'll get in touch with those who filled out the form in a few days.

I didn't fill out the form, I don't like using my email for anything, plus I rarely check it, but I will keep looking and checking things out. One thing I did notice is that when I signed into the beta site, and then went back to the regular site, I had to re-enter everything on peaklock. But that is no real issue, I've gotten used to doing that.

cool opportunities.. thanks for sharing!!

The future is bright! 😎

Haha thanks for the reblog

To be honest, I am so confuse! Which one I will use to help the community or the site? ESTEEM, HIVE, PEAKD... Any one can suggest and answer my doubt...

I just started using 3speak.. its at par with the big video apps.. Very Nice (better than dtube but you didnt hear hat from me .lol)

I will try that also... Let me check! Thanks!


That is beautiful!
wallet upgrades and new user and on-boarding tools

Is there any way to apply without using the Google forms?

Hello I am new, I love to upload content and I hope that these projects are programming even more, excellent news! :)

Howdy! I've been trying to set up a new community but I keep getting stuck at this page forever. Do you know if there is a reason for this? Or how to fix? Thanks


@jeffjagoe could you fix that¿ if not, it is possible that the error is due to initially logged in using keychain or hivesinger, the error is more recurrent with keychain because it does not usually synchronize well, sometimes or update funds, this happened to me when trying to create a community, is loading or gave me an error message.

follow in the steps

makes the transference and his hive should be created.

@asgarth will take a look at it.

And you have 3 hive in your account? Which login method are you using?

Yes. I was using Hive Keychain.
I signed out and went to PeakLock and it worked

Right on! PeakD is making such huge leaps. Simplifying the posting, the convos, the info tracking... You're creating an entirely new and improved social media experience. Smart of you to recruit support from the members here on Hive who you're already supporting. Sounds like a fair energetic exchange. Win-win.

i roll w/ esteem

FWIW, a bug report:
When entering my PeakLock pin code, the first four numbers enter just fine but upon entering the fifth number but before hitting the Confirm button , I get an “Error during vote broadcast, Unable to unlock the account” error message.

Check our newest post... we have done a total update of PeakLock. All peaklock accounts have to be set up again. Moving forward you won't have to put in your pin near as often

That’s not working either. I logged out, set up PeakLock again, it worked for about twenty minutes, and now isn’t working.

Meh, will try again later.

I have been more than 2 years on Steem Blockchain and I was eagerly waiting for an opportunity like this....
I will fill form and would like to help.
Thanks for the initiative.

Cheers for the post, and I'm certainly keen to get my brain-storming ready to help with PeakD's next few years and decades. I've been loving the small improvements and touches that you've been adding since the fork (including the little notification at the bottom for claiming rewards, which I've just noticed ), and it shows how much potential the platform has overall. Would love to be a part of the team! 😘


This is good news. My very first suggestion is that the text on the bottom of the home page that says "Join now" should be clickable and lead to an easy sign up process.

Just wanted to pass something along that can be used in marketing The user attention stats for daily time on the site are higher than even facebook:

One more thing: Have you considered hiring a social media expert to run your Twitter account? It could use a lot of work. As it is now, it's not engaging in any way to new users.

We haven't considered it... we're just proud we actually started one. haha
We're a little more focused on a different social media... it's called PeakD/Hive hahahaha

crypto twitter is how the entire crypto Twitter group gets their info, since youtube is censoring and twitter hasn't (to much extent). jack is pro bitcoin, as you know.

can i ask why you haven't considered it?

What do you consider the benfits of PeakD using Twitter?

user onboarding to Hive and Crypto Twitter is a very big group of enthusiasts, and it would be good to do marketing on twitter to onboard new users.

It's my personal option that we need to figure out how to determine what our retention rates are on Hive. What do new users need to feel comfortable and want to stick around? If we solve that we can not just bring in new users but keep them.

Now as for crypto enthusiasts it's my understanding that they're either very very tribal or very non-committal. I'd actually love to know what do you think it would it take for them to feel interested in Hive?

This will take an entire article to answer.
The onboarding process in my opinoin is the weakest link in the entire thing. Also, the marketing of communities is something that will bring in a lot of people and retain them. I have examples of this.

What about an expert social media and UX team? is an amazing site, but the UX and marketing using social media needs a team as well. I didn't see this addressed.

Hi, I've seen some of your comments on this post and will be great if you have time to join our Discord or just contact me in DM ;)

yeah, i will join the Discord very soon.

Since Peakd came out, I use it, it is an incredible tool, I am a systems engineer in my country, I think I can help you in many things. if you need my services. With pleasure I will help. lies review my most cordial greetings