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RE: Curated Content Collections, Hive Engine Wallet Updates and More

in About PeakD3 months ago

Hello @peakd!
First of all that are some really useful improvements...
But I'd have a question:
Is it possible to show all the token rewards when you are looking at your post here on peakd?
You write a post using the tag #creativecoin
So in addition to the Hive rewards you may receive some creativecoin as well...
Is it possible to make that you can see this at the rewards?

Thank you again for improving the Hive experience and have a great weekend...


We show all the hive tokens. I'm guessing you're requesting to show tokens on the separately owned platform known as hive-engine?

We are considering it... however we want people to have a good perspective of these tokens and that's why we recently did some improvements to our wallet for hive-engine so people have a better understanding of their worth.

Yes this is what i meant...And thanks for your feedback...