Concept of Heat and its Applications

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Heat as another form of energy is called thermal energy. When you place your kettle of cold water on a gas cooker or a heating stove, after some time, the water tends to feel hotter to touch. Hence, you infer that heat has been transferred from your gas cooker or heating stove to the cold water.

It is a general fact that heat commonly flows from a hot object to a cold one. Therefore when we place in contact with a cold object, a hot always warms the cold object. Never does the reverse occur.

A cold object can never warm a hot object. What does the work of heating the cold object is the heat energy that flows from a hot object to a cooler one due to their temperature difference.


Heat can have several effects on an
object. These effects include;

  1. Temperature change of the body
    The temperature of the body changes as soon as heat is added to the body, thus raising the temperature of the body.

  2. Change of state of the body


Heat can alter the state of a body. The application of heat will change the state of the body. For instance, a body in the form of a solid can change its state when heat is applied to it. ice as an example of a body in a solid-state will melt to liquid when heat is added. If a greater quantity of heat is applied to the liquid, it will vaporize or change from liquid to vapor state.

  1. Expansion of the body.
    When heat is applied to a solid body, the body will expand. And when the body expands, the dimension tends to increase as well.

  2. Change in the physical properties of a body.
    The addition of heat to a body may cause changes in the electrical resistance, magnetic properties, conductivity, electricity, density, and color of a body.

  3. Thermionic emission
    Electrons seem to be emitted from the surface whenever heat is added to a metal. This process is known as Thermionic emission.

  4. Chemical change
    When heat is added to a body, it may affect changes in the chemical properties of a body.

  5. Change in Pressure
    The application of heat to gas will cause an increase in the pressure of the gas, so also is its volume.



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