Top 3 Productivity Open Source Tools I use

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Moving from windows to linux may be challenging for some.Some people have been accustomed to using certain software. There are many reasons and one of it was because the software was recommended by their peers. For instance, as a college student, most of software we use are by default and often recommended by our peers.

If you are coming from non-STEM major like myself, you may be aware that many of us could care less about the software we use. " We just use it, it's there". Until there is a massive data breach, privacy concern & our peers said something, many of us won't care to leave the said software and even look for alternatives.

The word " linux" and " open source" may seem sophisticated and complicated. While in fact, it's fairly minimalist and simple. However, I do admit that there are propietary or (closed software) simply put, that I still use because I need it for my day to day life. But if you dig deep enough there are open source version of proprietary software that are available out there.

These tools I am going to mention are my favorite and most important tools that I use in my day to day life especially as a college/university student.



Are you an avid note-taker and especially using Evernote? Tusk provides you with open source interface that will work seamlessly just as its original desktop app. Though there was discussion by official evernote to release one for linux, apparently it was halted then discontinued. However, Tusk is there to provide you the desktop experience of using Evernote.



This minimalist pomodoro will help you get in track with your work. Though minimalist, it has some features that I just simply love, Dark mode and the ability to play music in the background. other features include :

  • Timer setting
  • Notification sound
  • Desktop setting
  • Additional pluggins (Dark mode and custom actions)


Focus Writer

For a blogger, writer, literature students, or simply people who enjoy journaling, this software is must-haves. Focus Writer is designed to help you focus on writing and not get distracted. What I found interesting is that there is no minimize or exit button. You have to do it manually by Ctrl + M to minimize the window. Though essentially it is a note taking app, it has similar features as word processing software. One of the highlight of this app is that you can add daily streaks and daily words goal. Another one is , you can customize the theme based on your own preference while the app remains minimalist.


These software are something that I use daily to study and to work. So far, I have not found any that could top these three software performance which fits my need, minimalistic and does the job.


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