Find The Value of x || Elementary Algebra.

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Personal presentation.

Hello everyone, receive a cordial greeting from me. I am a young mathematician apprentice, Venezuelan and enthusiastic about science in general. At present I am pursuing a "degree in mathematics" career, in which I am in the middle of the degree. On the other hand, I am currently doing research in the area of number theory at the University of Carabobo (UC).

Well, with great pleasure I will be uploading math content, tips to increase your performance in the study and science in general.

I hope you will accompany me on the arduous but beautiful path of mathematics and science.

Today i wanna share with you a solution of a mathematical problem that i think that can help you for certain types of problems solution. This problem belongs to the mathematical area of: Elementary Algebra.

Next I proceed to carry out the mathematical solution of the problem in question.

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The problem.

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The Hand-made solution.

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Solution written in LaTex.

Sheet N°:1


Sheet N°:2

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In case you missed anything

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The Hand-made solution and the LaTex written sheets were made it by me: @paultactico2

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