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Will be interesting to see how industries change with these works in progress.

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I don’t project a loss of employment with application of this tech. I do project a shift in tasking though. Operators who were sent to the field, for example, to inspect spent nuclear fuel casks would likely shift to remote analysis. Physical inspection then becomes a thing of necessity only when conditions don’t support unmanned vehicle use.

The problem is the introduction and implementation of this tech. That’s were my challenge is currently. Once the introduction is complete, then my work continues to implement it into business policies.

In the long run I predict a greater reliance on communications and unmanned vehicle use to reduce the need for personnel traveling to remote and dangerous areas.

As the demand for these processes increase the tech will expand towards fulfilling more manual activities by remotely operated vehicles.

We lose people sometimes to events that, maybe, that could have been avoided if we stepped outside of the box to apply, or create, tech that does the work for us.

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