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Sitting at @caffetto after a really satisfying day. Saturdays and Sundays, if I’m lucky, I get to sleep in. @guthrie was a darling and gave me the opportunity to do just that. We made our way to @caffetto after lunch and I spent a few hours inking the artwork I’ll be sharing shortly. @tarotbyfergus showed up in his new car, and we fought out a few more games of Commander. Man, I fucking love Magic. There aren’t a whole lot of things I do for recreation, but this game is so damn fun. @vermillionfox stopped by the shop after work and she came out of retirement with her EDH deck as well.

After she and @guthrie headed home, I got back to the linework and finally finished the Christmas card we’re mailing out for our @coppercoins IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. If this sounds like a shameless plug, it is, but I’m also really happy with how this turned out. I’m excited to show it off and even more excited to get the cards printed and start mailing them out next week. At the $25 pledge tier, you’ll get the Krampus Christmas card. If you pledge in the next couple of days, your [first] name will be inked on to Krampus’ bag of “Damned Children”. A nice way to immortalize those who supported the project.

I’ve been experiencing somewhat of a creative renaissance lately, and all of that is happening in the illustration wheelhouse. Procreate 5 was just released. In addition to new brush creation, they also have an animation assist studio. I’ve been doing all my pencils in Procreate, then inking in Adobe Fresco, which has an option to ink as vector art. I send it back to Procreate for the final touches and some brush effects, and that’s it. It’s a new workflow, but I’m loving the results. I have a killer project I’ll be trying to finish next week for @eos.detroit. I’ll be sharing the progress here.

Thanks so much for reading! @ghostfish and I are at the half way point in our IndieGoGo campaign for @coppercoins, and we’re less than two weeks from it ending. It’s all or nothing, so if you haven’t pledged to support the horror anthology already, please, please consider it. Even on a personal level, it means so much to us. This is a path to us realizing a lifelong dream as comic creators. If you want to be written in on the “Damned Children” Christmas card, pledge in the next few days. They’re getting printed and shipping out soon!


Just submitted my pledge!! Super bummed I missed our on the Xmas card deadline ☹️

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Thanks, @eyedrip! That means a lot, man! No worries. I’ll get you on the Christmas card list!

Oooo!! I’m gonna check this out!
Also, I just started playing with the procreate update and damn! 🤯 I did a mini animation in under 3 minutes. This is nuts!!!

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Hi Lars, of course you are very happy to be able to make the most of your time. You are also very skilled in drawing. Surely a lot of people are waiting for your Christmas card, sir. Have a nice day.

Keep spreading the word. This deserves more support.