Pretoria Zoo

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A trip to The Pretoria Zoo

Back in February of this year I joined my little niece on a "field-trip" off to the Pretoria Zoo to see and learn about some different and unique animals. While zoos aren't my favourite places and make me kind of sad for the animals, it was a lovely day none-the-less. The zoo was under quite a bit of construction so it felt more like exploring an abandoned Jurasic Park instead but it was fun zooming around on our little golf cart, seeing the animals that were there.

The day that we went was in the middle of a work week so we almost had the place all to ourselves which was a lot of fun.

If you ever want a day of good exercise, follow around an eight year old and skip or run whenever they skip and run, you will get super fit... wow

Beautiful city scape of Pretoria.


We honestly spotted more peacocks than any other animal that day. Aren't they just the most magnificent bird ever, especially the gorgeous bright colours of the males feathers. I am so in love with peacocks and their unbelievable beauty.

The lions were all having the best cat naps ever, spot the one sprawled out on her back.


Make a wish!


This poor guy made my heart break, he jumped up by the fence the moment I stepped up and started making small noises and looking at me with those sad eyes... it seemed like he was asking me to save him and I desperately wanted to give the little guy a hug!

He had the sweetest hands as well.


Another beautiful peacock spotted.



The Giraffes were very cool and full of personality, there were a few workers cleaning up the enclosure, throwing over-grown trees and bushes in the back of a bakkie. One of the giraffes was hiding on the other side of their enclosure peering at the men cautiously while the other one was standing right next to them, watching them carefully and stealing a bite of the leaves in the bakkie every so often. He also stuck his tongue out at me as we walked past and watched us very curiously while we were walking. Ah aren't they just the most majestic animals?


And of course I captured as many flowers as I could!

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