An unusual art exhibition - Ceramics and contemporary art 📷 Malaga - Spain

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Walking through the streets of the city centre and specifically along the street and avenue Alameda Principal I was struck by a sign on the building that belongs to the Municipal Archive of Malaga.

The sign on the façade spoke of an exhibition of ceramics linked to tradition. The doors were closed at the time, but I went back the next day to see what it was all about.




According to what I was told, this building regularly hosts exhibitions on various topics of art, culture and traditions, which are absolutely free of charge, and in this case the exhibition will be on until 2 June.

I love art and handicrafts too. Lately I notice that there has been a return to the importance of different types of art.






I was very interested in the exhibition and wanted to know what it was all about. When I entered I noticed that there were two rooms set up for the exhibition, which in turn was divided into two, since two artists were participating in it.






In the case of the first room the setting was very simple with plenty of light. What is exhibited there are ceramic pieces and the most interesting are pieces embroidered with threads of many different colours.

I have seen various embroidered items in my life, but never ceramics, so it seemed very original to me.


20240416_180631.jpgBlue pen and embroidery thread on cotton paper.20240416_180636.jpg

I could see a lot of tradition in what I saw, articles from the history not only of a person but also of a large family, ways of life, linked to these embroideries and ceramics.

I could also appreciate pieces made of porcelain and wood that speak of manual work, precious craftsmanship.



This tradition is passed on from generation to generation and generates a way of life. It is an expression of a language or rather a language through which tradition is expressed.

There was a lot of creativity and originality in each of the works.

The artist of this first part of the exhibition is Nuria Riaza. The artist has carried out a great deal of research into various shades and varieties of clay, and with these she has created several works, all of which are spectacular.


Map and geological sections of Montealegre del Catillo and notes from the field notebook. Location of clays.


These are natural clays, according to the woman who was in charge of the exhibition, from the area of Montealegre del Castillo - Albacete.

Her works form, what the artist called, Ajuar del cerro Triste, which also shows a family trousseau and the tradition that this entails.

I could see photographs and embroidered drawings, showcases with different embroidered handkerchiefs and fabrics and even an old thread box.


Samples of local clays.

On the walls there were various explanations of the places from which the clay samples and the samples themselves had been obtained.



Also the workspace used by an artisan to make his crafts.





Everything was worthy of admiration, I don't usually see exhibitions of this kind and it was impressive. Simplicity, but a lot of warmth, it felt very familiar.








In the works there was a mixture of weaving and ceramics, something very peculiar, but at the same time interesting.

Of course there were family photos, some made into drawings, with the theme of embroidery.










Photography, drawing, weaving, embroidery, ceramics, all united through the art and tradition of the families.



When I left the room, I was told that there was another room opposite, with a totally different atmosphere. Its walls were painted black and although there were few works, they were monumental.

The artist's name was Paloma de la Cruz and her show was Clausa Corpora.



The sculptures were really big with a lot of colour, alluding to the theme of the voids in the walls, the spaces that generate volume.

The sculptures made in ceramics on concrete were glazed and with an iron base.


Some of them seem very dramatic or exaggerated, but I think that's what the artist wanted to show.

The mosaics gave a lot of colour and brightness to these sculptures, which with the black background absolutely stood out.

Even though it was an exhibition with only a few works, they were of a magnitude and stood out because of the colours.


The whole building is full of works of art, a good opportunity to visit it again and enjoy more exhibitions that regularly take place with different artists.

Free workshops are also held here, so that people can explore these ceramic techniques. Something open to the public and very educational, bringing people into the art and tradition.

The pieces produced there, each person can take them home and enjoy this handicraft experience.


An out of the ordinary exhibition, very interesting and bringing us again closer to art in various forms.

Thank you very much to all of you for seeing and reading this far. Best regards to all and see you next time.

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What a cultural city Málaga is, how many cultural centers do they have there?
Beautiful sculptures that have been made with ceramics, beautiful your photographs, I appreciate that you have shared with us dear friend @avdesing, have a wonderful night
A huge hug for your whole family

The truth is that I don't know how many cultural centres there are, every day I discover more, it's the first time I enter this building. A marvel! Thank you very much!😃

I found the mix of embroidery and clays to be spectacular. I love craftsmanship, the real thing, that heritage that is inherited from generation to generation. The work of the artist Nuria Riaza seems very interesting to me. The dishes with their black and white decorations are a wonderful combination of craftsmanship and art. I suppose you enjoyed this peculiar exhibition very much. Thank you for sharing it. Best regards @avdesing

I really enjoyed it, especially the embroidered ceramics that were like vases, it's great. Thank you @enraizar 😀

@avdesign, I also liked the rest of the crafts, also ceramics that you mentioned. The plates caught my attention because of the drawings, I am used to see in crafts that the decorations are adapted to the circular shape of the plate, however in the ones in the exhibition the plates are like blank canvases. I look forward to more exhibitions, have a great evening. 🤗

This exhibition was a rarity, but I've already been warned about another one... I hope to go soon! Good evening!

Buenos días @avdesing untitled.gif

Buenos días!!! Muy buen viernes!


Gracias por el café, hasta luego!

How beautiful are your photographs of this museum @avdesing
so many beautiful things to see
Without a doubt you will have enjoyed a lot

Thank you very much @miprimerconcurso ❤️

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Palabras bellas!


And it's true and real, that's why I love it! Thank you very much!❤️