Unveiling Samet Nangshe's Panoramic Beauty

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Hello everyone

As we departed from the tranquility of Suwannakhuha Temple, the day still unfolded with several hours of daylight ahead. Eager to make the most of our adventure, we set our sights on the renowned viewpoint of Phang Nga Province – "Samet Nang Chee." Known for its breathtaking vistas, the viewpoint offered three distinct locations to take in the beauty of Samet Nang Chee.

Opting for "Samet Nangshe Boutique," our chosen vantage point wasn't just a spot to marvel at the scenery. It unfolded as a comprehensive experience, boasting not only panoramic views but also hosting a delightful blend of hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The journey promised not only visual delights but also the prospect of unwinding in a comfortable setting, making "Samet Nangshe Boutique" a perfect destination to witness the natural beauty of Phang Nga Province.


To reach the captivating Samet Nangshe viewpoint, our journey began by parking the car below and securing a 50 baht ticket. This ticket, a gateway to both the scenery and refreshment, could be exchanged for a 20 baht drink. The next leg of the adventure involved boarding the hotel's substantial bus, which navigated the steep path leading up to the viewpoint.

As the bus came to a stop, travelers faced a delightful choice – head to a restaurant or a cafe perched atop the viewpoint. Anticipating the kids' growing hunger, we opted for the restaurant located at the base. Descending a series of long wooden stairs, we were met with a spectacular sight – the sprawling panorama of Samet Nangshe unfolding before us, its beauty leaving us momentarily breathless. The decision to grab a bite at the restaurant seemed to have unfolded against the backdrop of a mesmerizing view, promising a memorable dining experience.


The restaurant at Samet Nangshe proved to be an expansive haven, offering a multitude of zones catering to diverse preferences. Among the options were an outdoor area that extended outward, providing an al fresco dining experience. However, the afternoon sun and the absence of a protective roof made this particular zone less ideal during the warm weather.




Another option was the indoor zone, strategically positioned to provide an unobstructed view of Samet Nangshe. Yet, with the temperature soaring in the afternoon, we opted for the air-conditioned room zone. This section, entirely encased in clear glass, not only shielded us from the intense heat but also ensured a crystal-clear view of the stunning Samet Nangshe scenery.

Seated comfortably within the air-conditioned space, we found ourselves treated not only to a respite from the afternoon heat but also to a visual feast of the breathtaking landscape beyond the glass. It was a perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty, enhancing our dining experience at the Samet Nangshe viewpoint.





Satisfied after a delightful meal, we decided to continue our exploration and headed towards the cafe, where the staff had guaranteed unparalleled views. Positioned at the summit, the cafe promised vistas that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Ascending to the top, our anticipation grew, and as we reached the cafe, the panoramic beauty unfolded before us. The landscape, bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun, sprawled out in all its glory. The staff's assurance held true, and we found ourselves immersed in a breathtaking spectacle – a captivating expanse that seemed to extend infinitely. It was a moment of sheer awe, where nature's canvas painted a scene of tranquility and grandeur, making our visit to Samet Nangshe a truly unforgettable experience.



The picturesque landscape unfolded with numerous limestone mountains, varying in size, seemingly suspended above the water's surface. The scene painted a surreal picture where these formations appeared to float gracefully on the water. Scattered throughout the expanse, the limestone hills created a mesmerizing pattern, alternating and overlapping in layers that added depth and texture to the panoramic view. Each hill, whether small or large, contributed to the ethereal beauty of the surroundings, creating a serene and enchanting tableau that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was a captivating dance of nature, where land and water seamlessly merged, leaving an indelible impression of tranquility and grandeur.



Not far from where we stood, the Beyond Skywalk Nangshi came into view, an attraction affiliated with the Kata Group of hotels. This elevated glass walkway offered a unique perspective on the surroundings. However, despite the allure, the decision not to venture onto the Skywalk was influenced by my husband's fear of heights. Priced at 500 baht per person, the thrilling experience of walking on the transparent path high above the ground was something we chose to forgo in consideration of his comfort. Sometimes, the beauty of the surroundings is best enjoyed from solid ground, and in this case, the towering heights of the Skywalk remained a breathtaking sight, observed from the secure vantage point below.




As the grandchildren enjoyed their cake, I seized the opportunity to capture the enchanting atmosphere surrounding the cafe through my camera lens. The surroundings, infused with the beauty of Samet Nangshe, provided a picturesque backdrop for memorable snapshots.

Once the children had finished their treats, we began preparing for the return journey to Phuket. With the sun beginning its descent, there was a sense of urgency to reach our destination before nightfall. Personally, I preferred avoiding nighttime driving, and ensuring a safe and comfortable journey back added to the thoughtful conclusion of our day at Samet Nangshe. The memories of the day, encapsulated in photographs and shared moments, would linger long after the return home.


Thank you for your support




This place is a lovely and the pictures you took there are nice
Coming here with my lover will be the best idea
I love it!

Thank you! It's a lovely place, and I'm glad you love the idea of coming with your lover. It would indeed be a wonderful experience!



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