A glimpse of the place that take my breathe away, from differents perspectives of color

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_Beautiful Orinoco river view since a different perspective than the ordinary shot from the "El Paseo heres" or our historical halmet>


photo 1: a beautiful seagull/the beautiful edited seagull, wow it's big!>

Happy Saturday @pinmaple community, I am not an expert in photography, much less editing, but I was in this wonderful place, near the "Orinoco River", Venezuela and the sky was cloudless, everything was sun.

My daughter tells me that this happens all the time and we cannot control natural light and outdoor space.

Playing God, I painted the sky with colors for these seagulls>

It was so sunny, and at the same time the good breeze and the shade that sheltered us, allowed me to take these simple photos of an indescribably beautiful place.

We walked on the hot, burning stone, it was healing for my muscle pain>

I saw these seagulls fly, but the camera lens was not enough. Then it occurred to me to color the sky a little with a lightroom preset, but, since nature is perfect as it is, I share the original image and the edited image and you judge the result, whatever it is, the result is magical .


sorry for the blurry image, I was almost blind>

If you are interested in visiting this place, its old name used to be "Hotel Río Orinoco", last year, the mayor activated the pool for a weekend, but I read that because of the distance and loneliness of the place, there were only a group of people one day by bus.

The place is deserted, but impeccable.

You can perfectly hear the noise of a needle falling and the echo of the pool is super funny, the view leaves anyone breathless, since we can observe the Orinoco River from a different perspective than the one we always share, a more mountain perspective.

I recommend it with all my heart

Thanks for reading, see you soon

📸 : Canon xt
Edited: Adobe lightroom app

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Undoubtedly, beautiful photographic images of that perspective of the Orinoco River (including the "out of focus" one). Both the "natural" colors (there are not really any when passing through a camera) and the intervened ones achieve an attractive visual effect. Best regards, @bedardg.

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