More Geocaching!

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Ah, our family is really getting into this Geocaching as a little escape for the kids and having a reason to go for progressively longer and longer walks!

Somehow, just having a little treasure hunt is enough to get the kids motivated even to get out the door and moving without too much complaining.

Mostly, the searching goes without too much fuss, but there are sometimes some weird looks from passer-bys when we are climbing signs like the one above!

This particular one was really hard to find, as the clue was just 'magnetico', which meant that it needed to be stuck to the iron signs... Just where? The other kids in the hunt list interest when they didn't find it within the first couple of minutes, but ours just kept looking... Eventually we did find it

There are lots of the free geocaches in this area of Spain, so we will have many little excursions to connect them all! I'm starting to think seriously about introducing the kids to Pokemon Go... I wish there was a Blockchain based sort of thing. I know that there was briefly something, but I will have to look it up again. On the other hand, maybe it would be a bad idea to link crypto and location based services... That could go seriously wrong!


Anyway.. That geocache. It was micro tiny! No wonder it was so hard to find but we got it! The last people to find it

There is something that is crazily satisfying about finding these things that keeps us driven... Even though there is no material reward, it is just the feeling of having persevered and an it through!

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Great to get the young generation out into the fresh air doing fun things together, look at that happy face being the one to find the hidden gem!

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Thanks for the curation!

The kids really love it... they would want to stay there for the entire evening... just to find the damn thing!

Similar to good old fashioned treasure hunt finding a particular leaf, or acorn always keeps the children happy hunting around.

Even though there is no material reward, it is just the feeling of having persevered and an it through!

Now there is. I mean monetary, which will be materialized later. The current pending payout on this post is $7.56, which is a good money for something that you enjoy. It is very good actually. Even if you divide it by two, because the half of it will go to the curators, it is still very good for this post.

Haha, yes... there is that! Although, I'm definitely not going to blog about every single geocache that we go looking for!

What a coincidence I plan to transfer to Denia in a few years. In October we go there one week and we have a Dutch Denia house-owner over this week talking us through life in Denia.
See you!

Oh, you are going to love it down here! Nice and warm... lots of good food! It does get pretty packed though, and there is a nice range of beaches, from the sandy ones through to some really awesome rocky grottos.

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