Table Mountain - On top of Cape Town

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In addition to my last travel post about the Cape of good hope, this is another sight you should not miss out on while being in Cape Town. I don´t know if I have to mention this because I think this is on top of any bucket list when visiting south africa.

The Table Mountain (English), also known as Tafelberg (Afrikaans) or Khoi (Hoerikwaggo) is not only the mosz iconic landmark of the whole south africa it is also the most photographed attraction and very famous for its cable car that brings millions of people up there.

View from Bloubergstrand onto Table Mountain

Since we both didn't feel too well towards the end of the trip and because we had saved table mountain like so many other things for the last few days, we were forced to take the cable car instead of hiking up the mountain ourselves. I would have loved to climb to the top but this is really not an easy thing. Its steep and very very exhausting.

One good thing taking the cable car is the view while you go up. Since the car is round and is turning while you go up you get a pretty good 360 degree view.






When we got to the top we first had to find our bearings because the area on top of table mountain is quite large. First of all we were pretty lucky with the weather although we went quite late in the year. It was sunny, almost no wind and pretty warm for that time of the year...the perfect day for Table Mountain.

On top you got several options what to do. You can choose between two walk or do them both. They are only on top of the plateau that covers around 3 kilomteres from side to side, means you can spend quite some time exploring the area. With the Devils Peak on one side and the Liosn Head on the other you always have an impressive view.






There are two pathways that lead you around the plateau. You can shorten your walk but we did the whole walk around the plateau and to every cliff edge to see as much as possible.






At the side of the Devils Peak we took a rest and enjoyed the view onto the Mountain. You really need to be careful here as the edges of the cliffs are not secured and one wrong step could get you really into trouble.

A few steps further we found an awesome spot to sit with views over the city of cape town as well as the Harbour and Bloubergstrand in the distance. I absolutely loved it up there and could have spend hours there.






If you´re not into walking that much you can simply sit in the beautiful cafe up there have a coffee and cake and soak up the views from there. I guess that was the coffee with the best view I ever had.

On the way to there we´ve seen some little dragons, the ones that you will find everywhere in and around cape town. Unfortunately we haven´t seen the cute little Dassies this time.





What an amazing day and beautiful end to our first ever visit to Africa. After we got down again we enjoyed one of the most amazing sunsets we had in a while.

We absolutely fell in love with south africa and will definitely be back one day.




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What a fabulous narration of a fascinating photo series! You have definitely given us a unique view of this place! Thanks for taking us along with you! 😊

Thank you so much. Glad you liked it. :)

Such an iconic landmark…
The views from the top are just stunning 🤩
To bad you both didn’t feel well to hike up. Luckily the option of the carts were there to take you up.
Great captures. Thanks for sharing.

It truly is. I love the view from Bloubergstrand, the first image. Well, even if you´re fit its quite a challenge to get up there.

It is such a great view…
Yes, I can imagine. Maybe another time if you end up there… 😉
Enjoy your weekend!

Toller Beitrag, gratuliere! Auf dem Tafelberg stand ich auch schon oben, ein großartiges Erlebnis :) Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere steht auf einer Informationstafel geschrieben, dass der Tafelberg vermutlich einer der ältesten Berge der Welt sei...
Bin grad total motiviert auch noch einen Kapstadt Beitrag zu kreieren, die Fotos würden noch alle auf der Festplatte schlummern! :D

Danke! Ja dass ist gut möglich. sehr beeindruckend der Berg. Wir haben die erste Woche in den Hochhäusern direkt am Fuß gewohnt, das war schon echt heftig wie die Wolken von dort runter kamen.

Mach das mal, würde mich freuen ihn zu lesen.

Awesome, I was born and grew up at the foot of Table Mountain. I used to walk up in my youth. This is one of the natural wonders of the world in my biased opinion lol.

Best wishes from the Cape.

Not only in your opinion. Its definitely one of the things one should have seen in life. Thank you. Greetings from Portugal


WOWOWOWOWOW. Bruuuuuuuuuuu, amazing view and photos. The cute Lizard.:) Fantastic impressions. Super gute Bilder. Muss schön dort sein. Thanks for sharing with us.

Danke danke! :). Ja war schon echt sehr geil. Südafrika ist sehr viel schöner als ich es erwartet habe.

I can imagine. Diggiiiiiiii, super nie the view is. Had to look two times at your post. Sehr Beeindruckend, da fühlt man sich ganz klein by such big mountains. Und super gut fotografiert. I an only say it again...Impressive!

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