Unforgettable way to wind turbine, through hill of Cesme

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For a long time, I had been fascinated by the hill with the wind turbine in Çeşme, Turkey. Every time I saw it in the distance, I felt a strong desire to climb it and explore the top. Finally, my wish came true, and I got to experience the breathtaking views and unique landscape of the hill. It was a dream come true, and I felt grateful for the opportunity to finally make the climb. As we started our hike to the hill with the wind turbine in Çeşme, Turkey, my mother and I were both excited and a little nervous. We had known that the climb would be challenging, but we were determined to make it to the top.
















The hill was visible in the distance, and we could see the wind turbine at the peak, spinning gently in the breeze. As we got closer to the hill, we noticed that there weren't many trees around, and the surface of the earth was made up of mostly rocks and stones. However, to our surprise, the rocky terrain was adorned with an array of beautiful purple, pink, and white flowers. Those flowers was looking so magical. I was fascinated by them. They were scattered all over the hill, making the landscape even more beautiful. The hike was not an easy one, and we had to navigate our way carefully over the rocky terrain. We were both panting and sweating profusely, but the beautiful scenery and the prospect of reaching the wind turbine at the top kept us going. The area was wild, and we encountered many interesting sights and sounds along the way. We could hear the gentle hum of the wind turbine as we got closer to it.






After an hour of hiking, we finally reached the wind turbine at the top of the hill. The view was breathtaking. We were struck by the stunning panoramic view of the city below. The orange roofs of the houses and buildings seemed to stretch out in all directions, creating a beautiful and unique landscape that we couldn't help but be fascinated by. It was a sight we'll never forget. We could see the vast expanse of the Aegean Sea stretching out before us, and the sight of the wind turbine spinning gracefully in the wind was a sight to behold. The wind turbine itself was much larger than we had anticipated. We had seen wind turbines before, but we had never been so close to one. It was an impressive piece of engineering, towering high above us and producing renewable energy for the region.




Despite the challenging hike, my mother and I felt a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as we stood there, looking out at the stunning views from the top of the hill. The beauty of the flowers and the majesty of the wind turbine had made the journey well worth it. In conclusion, hiking to the hill with the wind turbine in Çeşme, was an exciting and rewarding experience. The lack of trees and rocky terrain made it a challenging climb, but the beauty of the flowers and the incredible views from the top of the hill made it all worth it. Standing beside the towering wind turbine was a truly memorable experience, and we felt grateful for the opportunity to witness such an incredible feat of engineering up close.

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I haven't seen a wind turbine up close. Thanks for sharing 😊

I think it even bigger, because most of the wind turbine is hidden behind the mountain and you can't see it completely.

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