Discover the pristine beauty of Pa Phach village, Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam

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Hi dear Hivers in Pinmapple community, today I would like to take you to another beautiful place, which is Pa Pach village in Moc Chau district, Son La province, Vietnam. As you may know, Moc Chau is a mountainous and remote district. And most of the population in Moc Chau are Mong and Thai ethnic minority people. And Pa Phach village is home to Mong people.

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Pa Phach village is about 9km from the center of Moc Chau district. With mainly mountainous terrain, villages in Moc Chau are often located in isolated areas such as valleys and mountain foothills, and Pa Phach village is not an exception. Pa Phach village is nestled between high mountain ranges. There is only one road to get to the village, and it's truly beautiful, I promise, then I'm sure you'll never get bored of driving on that road.






People here have a simple and peaceful life. They make a living mainly by growing crops and raising livestock. Actually, Moc Chau has a severe weather and poor soil condition. It's really cold here in winter, the winter normally lass for 3 months, and during that period of time, sometimes the temperature drops to 5 celcius degree. The terrain in Moc Chau is mostly rocky, and the layer of soil is quite thin. Then the local people has a lot of difficulties to do agriculture here. Despite of that, those difficulties make the beauty of people here. They are gentle, hard-working and simple people.









Here, people live in small wooden or soil houses. In general, people use environmentally friendly materials to build their house. It's partly their custom, and the other reason is that they live in a remote area, then it's hard to transport modern materials to the village. The houses are quite small because the winter here are very cold, and the small one can keep them warmer. Besides, the villagers live harmony with nature around. We can easily found many farms, gardens and even wild flower steppe and meadow here.


















I stopped by a primary school in the village. The school is just a small one with just several classrooms, which is located at the bottom of a mountain. And when I was there, it's their break time. The children were playing in the playground. And when they noticed my presence. They approached me curiously. It seems to be that there is not many strange people visiting the village. And when I started my drone, they were so excited. They just ran follow the drone, and they even stood under the drone to feel the flow of air from it. I'm happy that the drone brought some joy to the children.








Thank you very much for taking time to read my post. I hope you had a good time with me during the trip to explore Pa Phach village today. And wish you a nice day.

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I think Vietnam is becoming a popular tourist destination, well deserved and beautiful country

Thank you very much. I hope to see more foreign friends here in Vietnam.

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I love your pictures! Each scene taken is so powerful!! Also the dark tone offers a sense of mystery that I really enjoyed. The way you captured the animals is amazing, I guess it’s not easy to do that!

Thank you very much for your lovely comment @belug
Taking photos of animals is not easy, but it also depends on what kind of animals we are taking photos of.

A wonderful place and looks like a paradise of natural beauty. Also you have done a lot of beautiful photography.

Thank you very much for your visit and comment.

This place looks so beautiful even though people live in woods and all
It is really nice
I love the photos

Yes, it is.
People here prefer to in such a remote area to have a lot of land to do agriculture. Even though they have a difficult life, they are happy and simple.

Simple life but content, they're in harmony with Nature and though they may not have the basic amenities, they are living a life of good health and happiness. I can see that radiating from faces of the children in school. Even the animals they keep as livestock it's at peace. What a happy place to be in @dodovietnam

Thank you very much for your visit and lovely comment @edith-4angelseu
What you're saying exactly describes about the village.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your visiting my posts 🙏

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Life here will be cool, no worries just you and nature. I love the way you captured the animals, your time with the kids meant so much for them. It's a good thing you could put a smile on their faces.

Yes @iskawrites
sometimes happiness comes from simple things in our lives. That's why I'm learning to enjoy simple things in life.

Wow, this village is so beautiful! Probably one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen! Your photos are of such great quality! I am fond of. I really like this green and fresh atmosphere. I especially liked the photo of the road, probably taken from a drone.

Thank you very much @darine.darine
I'm very happy that you like my work.
Your compliment is my motivation.

Wow! The scenery is wonderful 😍 Lovely photo style as well.

Thank you very much.

Wow😍 Great pics my friend! Congratulations for that photographic eye✨

Thank you very much friend.

Vietnam is such a beautiful country, and I can't imagine that simple life like is exist in todays generation. I wish I can also experience their simple and peaceful life in vietnam..

Thank you very much @john0928
I think we are lucky to have so many beautiful places in our countries.
And we can still find many villages like this in Vietnam.

yes indeed..thanks to our ancestors efforts for making this generations life more comfortable than before..🤗Greetings

@tipu curate

Very beautiful, like paradise, wonderful photos, thank you for sharing this beauty with us. @dodovietnam

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Your lens so expertly captures the simplicity and undeniable beauty of the Mong people's existence in this remote mountainous area. Eco-friendly homes and their harmony with nature paint such a vivid picture of sustainability. The spontaneous joy your drone brings to the kids adds a wonderful touch to the whole experience. Your photos are not just images, they are like windows into the life and spirit of people. Oh ong I'm just obsessed with all. Thank you for sharing @dodovietnam this fascinating journey through this beautiful village.🙏🏻😍