Having a peaceful time at Moc Chau Heart Tea Hill

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Hi dear Hivers in Pinmapple community, today I would like to take you guys to another hot spot in Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam, which is the Heart Tea Hill. This tea hill is located in Moc Chau Farm Town. Let me explain a little bit about this. Moc Chau district has two towns which are Moc Chau town and Moc Chau Farm Town. Moc Chau town is a place where many people gather, and Moc Chau Farm Town is a place to do farms.

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Because Moc Chau is a mountainous area, there are many mountains in this place. And to get to the tea hill, we have to pass some hill roads. The roads are not flat too. But it added more interests to the journey. It's both adventurous and exciting. Unlike the people from the South of Vietnam who prefer to drink coffee, the ones in the North like to drink tea. Then tea hills are popular in the North region of Vietnam. I'm from the South, then I'm always excited to explore the beauty of tea hills in this region.





It took us about 20 minutes to drive from the center of Moc Chau town to the tea hill. And when we arrived at the tea hill, I felt so good right after I stepped out of the car door. In front of my eyes, the lush green of the tea hill seemingly stretchs to infinity. In the far distance, the mountain peaks hidden behind the clouds along with the tea hills create a magical picture.








We then drove the car to the top of the tea hill to get the panorama view of the surrounding area. People must have put a lot of effort and worked hard to create such straight tea beds. From there, I could see the tea factory in the far distance. And further on the mountain is the residental area where there are small houses of the people who work on the tea hill. Actually there is a heart shape of tea beds in this tea hill, that's why it's named Heart Tea Hill.









The wind up to the hill top was stronger, bringing the fresh smell of the tea. My lung was filled up with the fresh air. Walk, touch, breath, and feel. I then take walk around, touch tea leaves, breath in fresh air, and feel the peaceful atmosphere of the place. It could be precious moment that we hardly find in busy life nowadays.






Thank you very much for taking time to read my post. I hope you had a good time exploring the Moc Chau Heart Tea Hill with me. Wish you a nice day.

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Wow, top photographs. Thanks for sharing 😄

Thank you very much.

When a person goes to such beautiful places, it seems that a person has stepped inside the paradise and the result of your camera is very beautiful.

That's truth @djbravo
I felt like I stepped into another world when I entered the tea hill.

Most welcome dear.

Wow! I haven't seen such greenish view in a long while. The green tea is so big greenish. I really love how you captured every photo here.

Thank you very much for your compliment @iskawrites

I'm really missing out on something so beautiful and surreal. This is extraordinarily and simply out of this world. The tea Hill is like heaven on earth and I couldn't help gawking. Wait, were all these tea beds worked by humans or machines? Look at how vibrant the expanse of lushness is, see how they stretch where wild winds play, on and on.
Absolutely wonderful and I'm lost. Thank you for sharing paradise with us.

Do you believe that all those tea beds are worked by human? You know to guarantee the quality of the tea, the tea leaves should be picked by hands.
It's a pity that there is no worked on the tea hill on the day I was there.

It is really looking so greenish and the pictures are really amazing I must confess

Thank you very much @biyimi

The tea hill looks very beautiful and it seem to be big
Just take a look at how green everywhere is. It is really amazing
I love it!

Yes that's very big @rafzat
It took us for a while to drive around the tea hill by car.

These photos from above, were not taken with a drone?
I would say here that you are using top-notch optics, because the pictures are outstanding.

Some of them were taken by drone @duskobgd
Thank you very much for your compliment.

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