Exploring the Shipwreck of the YOGN-42

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I've always been fascinated with the giant shipwreck grounded on the shallow reef on the windward side of the island of Lana'i in Hawaii. The channel here is almost always windy and wavy, which means that you can't easily get to the wreck. You especially can't get close to it. But every once in a while the winds will shift... and today was one of those days.

So I grabbed my crew and we headed out to explore the wreck from our small boats. The sun came out, really showing off the rusty red color of the hulking ship. It was a self propelled Navy fuel barge, made out of ferro-cement. It is very strong, hence why it is still here.


The ship was contracted out to a company that was supposed to scuttle it in the mid 1950's, but instead they lost control of it in the channel, and it washed up on the shallow reef of Lana'i, where it sits today. It looks like a ghost ship, and even more so when you get up close.


The color of rust is everywhere on the ship. Steel rebar sticks out at weird angles from the crumbling cement hull. The fact that anyone built a ship out of cement is still boggling my mind.

I was surprised even more when I saw a rope strung up along the side of the ship. It looked like tetnus just waiting to happen. I would not want to try and climb through all that rusty metal, or walk on top of the deck which was sure to cave in at any moment.


One of my favorite parts were some holes in the bow. Waves would enter the holes and then pour out of the bow moments later. There is something very eerie about shipwrecks. This one in particular. But there is also something so fascinating and picturesque. We caught it on the perfect day and now I get to share it with you.







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-Dai Mar Tamarack


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Liefde kyk hier

It is an amazing site. Not many people get to see it because of its isolated location, but maybe if you are in the area... :)

We wanted to explore a shipwreck close to us last December, but due to bad weather we where unable to. Maybe one day we'll get to go to Hawaii 😂 for now the shipwreck in South Africa will have to do. But this looks amazing 🤩

Here is a wreck a little closer to home for you.....


That looks like an interesting one to explore to say the least!

Now that is pretty cool!

We should really visit that one December come hell or high water we must! Look at the blast that guy is having😂😎

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@dtam This vessel is the very architecture of a ghost ship. It is perfect for a movie.

The pictures are great.

It is a little bit funny on how wrecked things could still add beauty to their surroundings.☺️

Great find!

No there is something you don’t see every day. For a moment I thought we were gonna see you go up inside there 😂