Kayaking in the Reflections of the Alaskan Inside Passage

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The waters in Southeast Alaska are quite often flat calm. This is due to the over 1,000 islands that protect the narrow waterways, inlets, and bays from the effects of the open ocean. These conditions make for some pretty epic kayaking.

Sometimes the waters are so calm, they almost look like a mirror. Today was one of those times. We were anchored at the Magoun Islands, near Sitka and I led a guided kayak group in and around the little islands. It is an easy place to get lost if you don't know your way around.

I knew right away that it was going to be a special kayak with the calm conditions and the fact that a little blue sky was showing. This is a rainforest so usually a little rain is in the forecast at some point. But the conditions got better and better. There wasn't a breath of wind, which gave us some beautiful reflections on the water.

Take a look below. The trees, rocky shoreline, the kayaks and kayakers, and even the clouds in the sky light up the surface of the water with beautiful reflections.

I had a guest take a photo of me so I could show off the reflections in the calm water.

Here we are getting started. The weather just got nicer and nicer as we went. We were out about 2 hours and had a wonderful time.

Hard to tell which way is up and which way is down.

Kayaking on a mirror.

Sliding through the reflections.

Each corner brought more beautiful sights.

It just got better and better.

Sometimes we just stopped paddling, sat, listened, and drifted in the silence.

I love finding narrow little alleys and slots like this to kayak through. The current was starting to rush in, and one kayak got stuck on a rock, but in the end we all made it through with stories to tell.

-Dai Mar
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