Most Colorful Scuba Dive on Maui

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If you are looking for a wonderful scuba dive, that you can do from shore on Maui, then look no further than the old Mala Pier. The colors underwater are out of this world, and the turtles and sharks are usually in plentiful supply. I've snorkeled here and dove here many times, and it never gets old. In fact, it is one of the 'must-see' places I take people to when they visit me here in Maui.

Today I left the wide angle camera at home. I've taken lots of turtle and shark pictures here before. I was on the hunt for some of the more secretive animals. I was on a treasure hunt for things like nudibranchs, eels, frogfish, and whatever else I could find hiding amongst the corals and wreckage.

Using a special macro lens on my Canon 5d, I was able to get in close, add flash, and bring out the true color of all of the marine life. Take a look at some of these photos below and see if you agree with me that this might just be the 'Most Colorful Dive on Maui!"
MalaDive (13 of 23).jpg
A gloomy nudibranch contrast with its bright red surroundings.

MalaDive (10 of 23).jpg
This is a pin cushion sea star.

MalaDive (3 of 23).jpg
I thought the fins on this little saddle wrasse looked so delicate.

MalaDive (5 of 23).jpg
This gold lace nudibranch seems to be glowing from within. Absolutely beautiful.

MalaDive (2 of 23).jpg
A stout moray eel peering out from its hiding spot in the wreckage.

MalaDive (1 of 23).jpg
This underwater rose is actually the eggs of a spanish dancer nudibranch.

MalaDive (9 of 23).jpg
Two imperial nudibranchs 'trailing'.

MalaDive (12 of 23).jpg
The colors here just pop.

What do you think? Want to come diving?
-Dai Mar


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It would truly be a dream come true to be able to dive and see those spectacular colorful figures that nature gives us, how lucky you are 😊 I congratulate you, beautiful photographs ❤️

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

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