Magic beaches of Greece - Orange beach

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Vacationing in Greece, on the beautiful islands or any location on the coast, which Greece has in abundance, is always a real adventure for me.
I am not a tourist who spends his vacation by arriving at the location by bus or plane, settling in the place where he planned to spend his vacation and not moving anywhere for those two weeks.
Ok, I also like to relax for a few days, take a nap on the beach under a canopy or umbrella, swim in the shallows or drink refreshing drinks at the nearby beach bars.
But at some point, something clicks in me, I want to give myself a little adventure and exploration.
I want to visit the surroundings of the place where I am staying, to find some new beaches, new restaurants, something that I have not seen before and that I find interesting.

And so, I came across a recommendation in local guides for a trip to Vourvourou, a small fishing village, and the famous Orange beach in Sithonia (Halkidiki).


Located on Kassandra (the first finger of Halkidiki), we get into the car and head towards Sithonia (the second finger of Halkidiki).

We park the car in a wild parking lot and approach the beach, which we heard is beautiful, but also that it is always very crowded.




It doesn't matter, we are guided by the old proverb: "When the children are not angry, the house is not cramped" 😀


We find some free space on the sand and set up our umbrella, right next to the other beachgoers.

Orange beach is known for its large, rounded rocks on the shore, which are gently lapped by waves from the shallows, as well as its long, shallow entrance to the sea.









The sand underfoot gives this beach a transparent turquoise color.
The beach is great for parents with small children (but not so small 😀), because of the very long shallows, where children can play carefree and be in sight of their parents.










The crowd is big, but that doesn't stop us from swimming in the shallow water, resting and sunbathing on the big rocks and enjoying the stay on this beach.

Some of the visitors came by boat, someone brought a pet, someone plays with a ball, someone flies kites, and one fact is - we all have a great time.



The lack of infrastructure means that as soon as we have finished drinking the drinks we brought with us, we pack up and look for a new place to continue our tourist adventure.



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Nice to see you back 🙂
Good luck in your future work.

it really was a very amazing beach view, I was very fascinated by the beauty of the blue sea

There are many beautiful beaches in Greece, which is not surprising given the total length of the coast of 13676 km.
11th place in the world by the length of the coast, and such a small country 🙂