Chicago: memories, views and skylines (I)

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Hello Pinmapplers! This time a very special place.
Chicago, the windy city. Where to start?

That cold wind takes me back to another time, it is difficult to see the thousands of photographs I have of this incredible city, the city of architecture, blues and great views. Because it is a really great photogenic city, almost everywhere we only have to look up at the iconic skyscrapers, each one different, with its characteristics, design and its own history and name. And not everything is asphalt, nature is mixed by the Chicago River that runs through the heart of the city and Lake Michigan that offers us the best views while we enjoy its waters.

We cannot forget the parks, the typical streets that we have surely seen in many movies and the food, American, yes, but with its own versions.

A city full of life, and that gave me life, during the short time I spent there. It was possibly one of the best years of my life, an intense, exciting, almost unbelievable period. I came to feel as if I had always been walking around while at the same time thinking: am I really here?

So it's hard for me to look at the photos without an avalanche of memories washing over me and almost bringing tears to my eyes. It is difficult for me to select just a few photos, those of the most relevant places, but it is… there are so many. So we'll do it in parts.

And we return to the starting point of this article, where to start? I think and remember, I feel that wind, those icy drops of rain, and that sun that shone on the lake and the glass facades, making everything magically turn into an extraordinary place where everyone wanted to be.

We start with the views, with those panoramic views that welcome us and in turn leave us breathless from afar. That happened to me, when I was flying over the city, about to arrive, I looked out the window of the plane, and I saw a scenario that was unreal to me... it was the first time I was in America and that is impressive, but those of us who like architecture also feel excited. Those large constructions on the edge of one of the great lakes warned us that it was going to be a great experience, a fantastic and unforgettable time.

Because it is impossible to forget that panorama, and not only from Lake Michigan. The views are inexhaustible, from the beach, yes there are beaches, several (in summer) and in winter a frozen lake, contrasts that do not change the feeling, only the tones and colors of that iconic place. In how many movies have I seen it and exclaimed: “that's Chicago”.

And then we enter the river, it is another adventure for the eyes, for our neck as well, it is entering a lesson in modern architecture with unique nuances, and famous buildings that we will tell later. Much remains to be explored.

At the moment, we walk from bridge to bridge, we cross from one side to the other, from Downtown to the north and back, from the north to the center of the city, from a longed-for place, from the terrace of what was my building, where I was the protagonist of the movie of my real life in Chicago.

So we started in Chi-Town as they also call it, that city famous for its cool buildings, for Al Capone and for how cold it is in winter (it's true) but there is much more, I was able to discover so much, that it is difficult to count it with meaning and with an order. Sometimes the pictures say it all. So I'm simply sharing photos, some of them, to be amazed and get carried away, and to hope that we will discover more of Chicago, this fantastic and iconic city, we will see much more...

Chicago, Illinois, US - Part I

Thanks so much for reading! Have an amazing and cool day!


The text is totally mine by ©Duvinca and the photos are mine too

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Pues yo sí que estoy pasando un día bastante helado xD si has estado en Zaragoza tienes que decirme si Chicago es peor que el Cierzo jajaja

Bueno y qué decir de las maravillosas panorámicas americanas, que tienes toda la razón y que las fotografías dicen mucho.

Las tuyas son encantadoras postales para enmarcar en cuadros, que skyline tan impresionante.

¡Hola! jaja sí sé que en Zaragoza hace mucho frío pero no sé si llegan a temperaturas de -20, yo tuve suerte de no estar justo en las peores semanas. En Zaragoza tampoco he estado con mucho frío pero mi familia que antaño vivía en Aragón lo sabe, también el calor cuando hace es fuertecito.

Y sobre las fotos, ufff no sabes el lío para organizarlas y darles un sentido porque tengo miles!!! He tenido que hacer carpetas por grupos porque hay tantas cosas que creo que haré varias partes, Chicago es demasiado fotogénica. 😅
Me alegro de que te hayan gustado, ¡un saludo grande!

Jajaja no a -20 no, ya estamos hablando de otro nivel.

Entiendo totalmente cómo debes sentirte con tantas fotos, imagino además que es difícil elegir porque cada ángulo debe mostrar una perspectiva diferente e interesante.

Agruparlas es buena idea, puedes hablar de ellas por etapas, sobre todo si te inspiran tanto. Eso demuestra lo mucho que disfrutaste ese lugar y todo lo novedoso que era para ti.

Me encantara ir acompañándote a rememorar ese viaje por aquí, ¡saludos grandes de vuelta!

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Yeah I have seen the Travel Digest!! So cool and I'm very thankful and happy to belong to this community full of good quality travel content.

Now I see Chicago, hehe.. I suddenly want to explore the city of HK on weekend

Jaja good! you should... we can discover a lot in cities like this, so wonderful!

This city called city of garden and windy city.

I know about this.

Yeah exactly! Some windy days for sure and nice gardens where to enjoy and the lake!!!

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Cool, thanks!!! 😎✌️

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Chicago, a spectacular city, which at the moment I only allow myself to dream what it would be like if I were there.

Yes exactly, people always think in New York but if you travel first to Chicago later you don't see New York as the same way, Chicago is much spectacular so far, love it! Hope one day you can see it!

Yes, I'm not giving up my dream of visiting the US.

I remember that time, never thought I could go there and one day I was there... like a real dream that came true. So don't give up!! Who knows...