Visiting The Torture Chamber

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As I mentioned in my last travel post, last Sunday I visited Sighișoara, one of the most beautiful medieval cities of Transylvania, as the Medieval Festival was held in the historical center, which is the citadel.

Visiting The Torture Chamber.jpg

The Historic Centre of Sighișoara (Sighișoara Citadel) is the old historic center of the town of Sighișoara (German: Schäßburg, Hungarian: Segesvár), Romania, built in the 12th century by Saxon settlers. It is an inhabited medieval citadel that, in 1999, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its 850-year-old testament to the history and culture of the Transylvanian Saxons.

Birthplace of Vlad III the Impaler (in Romanian Vlad Țepeș), Sighișoara hosts, every year, a medieval festival where arts and crafts blend with rock music and stage plays. The city marks the upper boundary of the Land of Sachsen. Like its bigger brothers, Sibiu (Hermannstadt) and Braşov (Kronstadt), Sighișoara exhibits Medieval German architectural and cultural heritage that was preserved even during the Communist period. source


It's not the first time, I've been there before quite a few times, but not recently, so obviously I wanted to enjoy and capture every single detail a cool place like this has to offer.

The citadel is on a hill, above the city, built there for a good reason. All medieval citadels, fortresses are build on a hill for strategic purposes. You can't miss it as it's visible from every single point in the city. The road to the entrance is steep and it's paved with cobblestones, my favorite, which is not surprising as stone was the main building material in those days.

At the time of our visit, there was a strange art exhibition as well. Artworks were on display starting from the main gate to the other gate.




The truth is, the whole place would need a good renovation as bricks are already visible, but there's either no funds, or they don't want to shut down the place as tourists love it. I'd say the first one, but who knows.


The torture chamber, former military prison of Sighișoara citadel, says the poster. There was an entrance fee, 6 lei for adults, which is a little over 1 euro, and 1.5 lei for students.


The whole place is weird, without even knowing what's been used for once. The door to the first room is what you see on the photo. There's a sign warning people to watch their head. This little lady had no problem entering, but I had to watch my head indeed.

I could not take a better photo of the door as there was a crowd behind us, waiting to get in, but if you look at it, it's a massive metal door you don't break it down with your shoulder, like you see it in the movies.


The first room as you enter, was so tiny, I could hardly take a half decent photo. On the right there was a stone bank or something like that and on the left there was a desk, where the tickets were sold.


Tickets are printed on the spot, after the payment is done and look like these. It's funny though, to get a ticket like that in a medieval chamber :)


Once you enter the first room, which is the only one actually and it is the torture room, you can see how thick the walls are. The door is again very small. This one was made of wood though.


There was a short history pinned to the wall and reading through it had to realize, times were tough back then.


This is one of the torturing devices, I mean a replica most likely.


These torturing devices are not all known by us as I doubt they are in use. Nowadays there are so many modern devices and techniques that there's no need for these. Therefore there were some drawings on the wall, with explanations in 3 languages.


Here you can see the tying of the hand and feet, as well as the position of the hands before tying, which was palms out. I suppose these techniques were tried out and found suitable for torture.


Here's another device I would never want to try out.


Hanging tied by the hand can never be comfortable.


More torturing devices. On the left, handcuffs with chain for hands and feet, from the 17th, 18th century. On the right you can see a yoke, that was used for moving prisoners, in the same period of time.


Of all the objects displayed in this tiny but painful museum, maybe this stone was the most useful.


Read the text above to learn about the use of the stone. In any case, public shaming was a huge thing back then. Imagine yourself tied to the infamy pillar, with this stone on your neck and people throwing eggs and tomatoes at you.


This is the Spanish boot, a torturing device I've heard of, but have never seen it till that day. Looks scary though.


A more detailed "Spanish Boot". Very, very scary!!!




Another device for torturing fingers.

If you look at these photo copies, you can see how detailed those drawings are. It's like at the engineering school, like a technical drawing.


Although I love these medieval fortresses and buildings, what scares me the most about those times is the way justice was done. As you can see on the paper above, they had all the right to do whatever they wanted, without any proof even. I mean if someone said some bad things about you, you could be tortured and even killed as there was no one to defend you.

All in all, it was nice to visit the museum as it's good to know what these torture methods have been over the centuries. The place itself wasn't scary as there were only a few devices, but when you look at the drawings and imagine how those devices were used, you have to be made of stone if you don't feel pain.



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There is a museum of torture and torture instruments here in Prague too. Scary place. I admire medieval (Gothic) achitecture but that´s it from this era for me. They call it the Dark Ages for a reason... Thanks for taking us on this tour with you though, it was interesting :)

Looks like there's one everywhere. There's one in Budapest, a big one. My niece went alone and she was literally shaking from fear.

I admire medieval (Gothic) achitecture but that´s it from this era for me. They call it the Dark Ages for a reason...

That's what I said in one of my posts. When I think of all the injustice that was done ... it gives me the creeps.

Exactly. And just as if the medieval times weren´t dark and brutal enough themselves, my country had a quite rich and infamous history of atrocities commited in the name of inquisition :(

Nothing like a good old stretch. 😂

Not this kind though 😁

Eckkk!! Those torture devices makes me 😬😬😬
I just knew now h
That there was really that kind of devices for torturing. They preserved it.

I liked those arts outside. Those seems painting and I would like to pick the color purple one 😁

Yes, the devices were pretty scary. I don't know if those paintings were for sale, or just exhibited but I could have chosen one or two myself.

I can't imagine the pain of those who were tortured... The place felt eerie.

That was the purpose of these devices 😬

Informative :) Human imagination in the invention of torture instruments is limitless :)

That is true unfortunately.

Nice post! Incredible how people were tortured ... in the face of pain one could both tell the truth and a lie in order not to suffer

Indeed, I think there's a point then the pain can't be tolerated anymore and then you do anything you can to stop it.

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you have to be made of stone if you don't feel pain.

This sounds so funny though, but those that failed into the trap would have grown to form some kind of resistance to such kind of pain.

Those were not easy days at all especially the fact that justice is not gotten easier.

This kind of structure helps us down memory lane and it helps us to appreciate the kind of freedom we enjoy now.

You had a good time out last weekend

I'm not sure what kind of resistance you can form when your bones are being broken one by one.

I'm just glad these methods are not used legally anymore.

Hahaha, the person just makes up his mind to face the music no matter the beat.

Am glad it is off the system too.

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Many thanks 😊

A very imformative blog,nice one thanks for sharing it 😊

Thank you.

Oh zis ist a very good post, und reminds me of ven I visited Mister Jeffrey Epstein on his special Island. We went down ze steps under ze blue und white temple, and Frau Clinton vas there vith a couple of toddlers.

Ve had a good laugh zat day, yes!

Oh my, how terrifying those torture instruments were thought about.... to really hurt humans! I would rather have a toothache than seeing my fingers in that scary torturing device. Awtsch!

Indeed! Pain, pain and more pain. They knew what they were doing, for sure!