Ha Giang, Vietnam - City to City Tour 093

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Ha Giang is a city in the north of Vietnam that is commonly used as a jumping off point for various adventures in the region. I came here for business reasons. My visa was expiring and I was hoping that I could get it extended at the immigration office here. A few years later I would return with my bother and we started a Northern Vietnam adventure here.


It's hard for me to express how amazing the ride was out of Coc Pai. I had a really rough time riding into Coc Pai but the next day's ride started out with one of my favorite sections of road on the planet.

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The road was paved and small with beautifully smooth curves and bends. It was perched on the side of an incredible mountain and offered spectacular views.

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This farm looks like something out of a video game. It's incredible!

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The road was an absolute joy to ride on.

Here's a video of some of the road if you're interested.

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Water buffalo!

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The scope and scale of the work that has been done on these mountains is super impressive.

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It seems like they must have spent hundreds of years shaping all of the mountains into terraces.

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This part of Vietnam was so much fun to ride through.

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I was hoping this section of road would go on for hundreds of kilometers.

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There's a path in the distance in this photo. I'm not sure if that's a path that I was on.

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There were some big farms that looked very prosperous.

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At the bottom of the valley was a large river. I'm pretty sure it was dammed up.

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I was so thankful that the weather was nice. It would have been a shame if I had been on this path on a foggy or miserable day.

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The river/lake looked huge.

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After a while I was off the great road and back on a normal road.

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The riding was still nice, it just wasn't quite as incredible as earlier in the day.

I'm pretty sure this is the day that I almost wrecked my bike. I had grown complacent and I wasn't slowing down in towns like I knew that I should. In one town, a person was pulled over in front of me. As I went to pass him, he suddenly did a U-turn right in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and my bike started skidding and I skidded into a parked car on the opposite side of the road. Luckily I didn't fall or damage anything. And thankfully there wasn't a bus coming towards me.

I was shaken by almost crashing. At first I was mad at the guy for making a U-turn in front of me. But I knew it was my fault for not slowing down in towns. That scare was enough to teach me to slow down every time I was in town. Even if all the locals were going fast, I kept it real slow in every town after that.

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I made it to Ha Giang pretty early in the afternoon. I found a hotel and then went to the immigration office. There I found out that I could only get my visa extended at the same immigration office that issued the visa. Mine was issued in Ho Chi Minh City, so that wasn't an option for me. I only had 5 or 6 days left on my visa.

I had wanted to ride the northern loop, but it wasn't going to happen. I needed to start planning a ride to Vientiane Laos where I could get a new visa from the Vietnamese embassy. A few years later I returned to Ha Giang with @doctorcrypto and we completed The Northern Loop together.

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Ha Giang was a pretty cool city. I didn't do much here. After getting rejected at the immigration office, I went out walking. It took me a while to find a restaurant that I was interested in. There was a place with a bunch of cartoon insects on the wall and I'm pretty sure they sold insects to eat.

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I found a doner kebab and it wasn't very good. I love that they had donor kebabs here, but it just wasn't very good.

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I found a place to have a few beers, then went to bed. The next day I had to start making my way to the border with Laos. There were some issues with riding a scooter across the border and I had to make sure I went to the right border crossing.

I hope you'll join me as I begin a new adventure of acquiring a new visa for Vietnam.


Wow, Beautiful Ha Giang. Thank you for sharing this.

Omg, I love Ha Giang! The most beautiful road trip for me so far. Thank you 😍

!LUV 3 Ha Giang, been there twice and still want to go back. Amazing !!

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I miss riding motorbike there

Me too. I miss Vietnam a lot.