Than Uyen, Vietnam - City to City Tour 090

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Than Uyen is a cool little town that I stayed in on the way to Sapa. It has a lake and is surrounded by some of the most incredible land on the planet.


The ride from Nghia Lo was awesome. I took over 70 photos on this day because I couldn't get over how amazing the scenery was.

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The day started out in a valley full of rice farms.

04 - Than Uyen.jpg

Climbing up into the hills offered amazing views. The weather was cloudy all day, but I think it mostly stayed dry.

06 - Than Uyen.jpg

A lot of the farms were on stilts. Stilted houses were pretty common in Cambodia, but I only saw them in certain areas in Vietnam.

08 - Than Uyen.jpg

The land appeared to be very fertile and productive.

09 - Than Uyen.jpg

The little farming villages looked like something out of a story book.

15 - Than Uyen.jpg

The road climbed up into the clouds and it felt kind of magical to be up here. The road was also blissfully free of traffic for the most part.

16 - Than Uyen.jpg

The views made it difficult to make any progress. I kept stopping every 10 minutes to take more photos. You would think I would get tired of taking photos of rice terraces, but no, I kept taking more and more photos. I couldn't help myself.

19 - Than Uyen.jpg

I kept climbing in and out of the clouds.

23 - Than Uyen.jpg

This photo isn't that great, but there are water buffaloes in it so I must include it.

24 - Than Uyen.jpg

The rice terraces are just amazing to me. They look so cool. I wonder how long the land has looked like this. I'd guess that people have been farming here for generations and generations.

25 - Than Uyen.jpg

From what I can tell, the majority of the work done here is done by hand. It's impressive.

27 - Than Uyen.jpg

28 - Than Uyen.jpg

The little villages made me wish they had cafes or restaurants so that I could stop and spend a little time there.

29 - Than Uyen.jpg

31 - Than Uyen.jpg

I don't really have any other words besides "WOW!".

33 - Than Uyen.jpg

34 - Than Uyen.jpg

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I wasn't able to make any progress at all. It was just too beautiful. If you're trying to go far quickly, avoid this road. You will definitely feel compelled to stop for photos every 5 minutes.

37 - Than Uyen.jpg

41 - Than Uyen.jpg

I made it above the clouds at one point. The tip of a mountain poked out of the clouds and looked like an island in the distance.

42 - Than Uyen.jpg

This farm completely blew my mind. It's so impressive. The amount of work it must take to live of this land must be immense.

43 - Than Uyen.jpg

44 - Than Uyen.jpg

This was the biggest town that I'd seen in a while and I stopped for some lunch and a rest. The brightly colored buildings were super charming.

46 - Than Uyen.jpg

Back on the road my mind continued to be blown.

47 - Than Uyen.jpg

51 - Than Uyen.jpg

53 - Than Uyen.jpg

58 - Than Uyen.jpg

This little house with the ducks on the path seems like something out of a dream.

59 - Than Uyen.jpg

I finally made it to Than Uyen and found a hotel. After dropping off my bag, I went for a ride around the town's lake.

60 - Than Uyen.jpg

It's a really pretty town. I seem to recall a festival of some sort going on while I was there, but I didn't realize it until I was ready for bed so I didn't check it out.

62 - Than Uyen.jpg

The town is surrounded by lovely farmland and mountains.

64 - Than Uyen.jpg

66 - Than Uyen.jpg

I returned to the hotel and parked my bike. This was the view from my room.

71 - Than Uyen.jpg

I went out for a walk and had to get another water buffalo shot.

72 - Than Uyen.jpg

I needed some new bungee cords to strap down my bag so I wandered around the market and tried to find some.

75 - Than Uyen.jpg

74 - Than Uyen.jpg

I got distracted by the baby ducks.

76 - Than Uyen.jpg

I don't remember if I found the bungee cords or not. I think so. I know that I had a guy from one of the stands taking me all over the market helping me try to find them.

77 - Than Uyen.jpg

This is a shot of the market.

After my trip to the market, I found some dinner and turned in for the night. The town of Than Uyen was really pleasant and enjoyable, and the ride to get here was fantastic! The next day I continued on my way. I hope you'll join me in the next post!


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