30 mile North of Mexico City, a journey into the unknown October 22

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I am not sure how to write this post up to be honest, the site was mesmerising just the sheer scale of the two main pyramids ( far superior in my opinion to those in Giza).

Built it is believed around the 2nd century BCE, whilst those in the "modern world" were still living in mud huts, The site was laid out in a geometric form over a vast 8sq.miles.

The engineering feat by modern day standards would be immense.

NOW. You tell me that we have not been visited by a superior intelligence from another dimension. The factual enigma is that no one knows who actually constructed this complex. It's original name is unknown and was only called Teotihuacan, when discovered by the Aztecs in the 15th century.

It is pre history, it is a live archeological site.


The Land of the Sun and The land of the Moon

𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑃𝑦𝑟𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑑 𝑜𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑆𝑢𝑛



Facing west, the Pyramid of the Sun rises 216 feet with a base measuring approximately 720 by 760 feet. Alas due to people falling off the top it is now wisely, disappointingly prohibited to climb the structures here at the site. It is flat topped; as it was here that ritual human sacrifices were made in their 1,000's.


The Pyramid of the Moon





The pyramid of the moon, smaller in size at 140 ft high stands at the North end of The Avenue of the Dead and leads to and passed the Sun Pyramid. It is known as the Avenue of the dead as it is believed it was lined on both sides by tombs.




A multitude of tourists walking the Avenue of the Dead on the road to souvenirs




How they know, I guess is like gravity, just a theory, but at its peak the population was between 100-200 thousand made up of Elites down to the labouring working class.

Around the 8th century the inhabitants just completely disappeared of the face of the earth.

No one knows why or where to.

Did E.T. phone home?


.....and finally ...... there was BEER


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Well, hello Stephen!

Is it me being slowly to notice, are have you just started to rebrand your blog? Can we expect a selfie next please?

hello to you Pauline, I see so many interesting blogs on here I thought I needed to improve mine so after 3 years here I discovered templates LOL, and had a play with Canva after reading about it on Hive, still along way to go though, you see I am totally useless with IT and stuff.

A selfie? hmm did you not realise I am an international man of mystery???????

watch this space...........


patience is a virtue!

I love visiting such mystical places where you can have your own interpretation of how they were constructed or why they even exist. I believe the answer is usually much simpler than what we would like to believe though 😊

There are so many people, but since it's so big it doesn't feel crowded...

Thank you for sharing!

cheers @delishtreats thanks for dropping in, I get your feelings, no it wasn't over crowded on this occasion. Damn tourists! lol

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Your post about Teotihuacan and the majestic pyramids is both informative and captivating😘

cheers @silviared945 thank you for stopping by, I am happy that you enjoyed my visit with me, and that you were entertained by my efforts

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Madness how nobody knew who created this, there are so many ancient buildings we know nothing about. Forgotten languages and all sorts. Thanks for posting

cheers @pumpkinsandcats thanks for stopping by and your comments are appreciated........They walk amongst us!!!

Greetings @ the photos are great, I can't imagine how many tourists have gone to visit the pyramid. In one of the photos you shared it looks very big because of the angle you took it, I really liked that photo.

I hope to have the chance to visit it someday!

Thanks for sharing your experience and photos with us!

cheers @milagroscdlrr thanks for stopping by, your comments and input are appreciated, yes believe me it was big, very big!

I am very pleased to hear that! Thank you 🤗🙌

you are welcome x

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So impressive to be able to see through your lens, history unknown leaves everyone guessing which is good.

Some places in South America leave more of an impact my niece said after visiting with her husband a couple of years ago.

Looks busy but not defaced, perhaps better not allowing people to clamber up over everything scratching their names or initials into everything as is the custom in many places.

Apparently authorities stopped the climbing as so many would fall off, die or be injured. Later in my trip I did climb some that were allowing it, Perspective is misleading, on some I thought " shit why am I actually doing this!" thankfully I remain injury free lol

Great you did get to climb, I believe fascinating to see. Try formalize in ones mind how they managed to build these structures, what equipment was used, all theories today.

Coming to a blog soon.............

Look forward to next edition....

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I chuckled- just like gravity - theorizing- no one knows. However this colossal pre-history wonder is mind boggling and amazing. I saw it during my second short trip to Mexico - after leaving Cuba.

Those tourists walking together look like they are in a movie set - the living dead on the avenue with the same name.
Good thing there was beer….
Fascinating story - so much we do not know and when “they” tell us we must use discernment because the story is the victors version- “his-story”.

Glad your mindset understands, we really know nothing about ancient times! good to see you have been here, fantastic place isn't it. the walking Dead indeed, and yes there always needs to be beer lol

I know, experienced and saw enough so my mindset change a while ago. Sigh
Yes I’ve there but need to return for a longer period. I spent 2 weekends there but the main trip was Cuba. Those were the days traveling from the US.

Cuba is pretty cool as well, a different history, different architecture


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